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A List of Country Songs for a Wedding First Dance

Filed in Country Music Lists, Love Country Songs, Wedding or Anniversary by on April 13, 2015 9 Comments • views: 13738
Country Songs for a Wedding First Dance

FEATURED: Marry Me by Martina McBride & Train – Download on iTunes

Let’s face it, we can spend hours Online previewing songs to find just the right lyrics, mood and tempo for that special occasion! I personally know this, because I’ve spent hours at it myself!

Here on Drageda, some song-hunting-leg-work has already been done for you!

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Featured below in the Table, is a growing list of country songs for a wedding first dance.

Of course, you can head over to the Love Country Songs heading in the main category menu where you’ll find personally reviewed love songs, but if you prefer a neat list, that’s where this page comes in.

This is a growing list, as more wedding-couple-songs are reviewed and discovered, they’ll be added here, so be sure to check back.

Featured Video Playlist: You can listen to all the songs featured below on the above Playlist. Listen while you work. The numbers on the playlist match the numbers below; just scroll through the Playlist using the double arrows foeward or back to get the song you want. FYI – The double arrows don’t appear til you hit play on the first song.

Do you use Apple Music? If so, here’s The Heart of Country Music’s Shareable Playlist of the country songs featured here.

What's an 'ER'? It's an 'Emotion Review'
Marry Me* - 1

Martina McBride
& Train
Slow Dance
Keeper of the Stars - 2
Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd
Tracy ByrdSlow Dance
When I Said I Do - 3
When  I Said I Do by Clint Black
Clint Black & Lisa HeartmanSlow Dance
She's Everything - 4
She's Everything by Brad Paisley
Brad PaisleySlow Dance
It's Your Love - 5
It's Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Faith Hill & Tim McGrawSlow Dance
Then* - 6
[Visit the ER]
Then by Brad Paisley
Brad PaisleySlow Dance
You Are the Love of My Life - 7
Sammy KershawSlow Dance
You Had Me From Hello * - 8
Kenny ChesneySlow Dance
Who I Am With You - 9
Chris YoungSlow Dance
She's Good For Me - 10
Jason McCoySlow to Mid Tempo
God Gave Me You - 11
Blake SheltonSlow Dance
Thank You - 12
Keith UrbanSlow to Mid Tempo
What a Difference You've Made
in My Life - 13
Ronnie MilsapSlow Dance
Once in a Lifetime* - 14
[Visit the ER]

Keith UrbanMid Tempo
I Don't Dance - 15
[Visit the ER]
Lee BriceSlow to Mid Tempo
Rescue You - 16
[Visit the ER]
High ValleyMid Tempo
Belongs to You* - 17

Emerson DriveSlow Dance
One Breath -18
[Visit the ER]

Adam GregorySlow Dance
She Said Yes - 19
Rhett AkinsSlow Dance
Loves Me Like Jesus Does - 20
[Visit the ER]

Eric ChurchSlow Dance
When You Say Nothing At All - 21

Alison KraussSlow Dance
Perfect Storm* - 22
[Visit the ER]

Brad Paisley Slow Dance
Me and You - 23

Kenny ChesneySlow Dance
Must be Doin' Somethin' Right - 24

Billy CurringtonSlow Dance
Wanted - 25

Hunter HayesSlow Dance
Cowboys and Angels - 26

Dustin LynchSlow Dance
I Do - 27

Paul BrandtSlow Dance
No Doubt About It - 28

Neal McCoySlow Dance
When Love Finds You - 29

Vince GillSlow Dance
I Love the Way You Love Me - 30

John Michael MontgomerySlow Dance
Because You Love Me* - 31

Jo Dee MessinaSlow Dance
The Story* - 32
[Visit the ER]

Brandi CarlileSlow Dance
Party For Two - 33

Shania TwainMid Tempo
First Love Song -34

Luke BryanSlow Dance
Make Me Wanna -35

Thomas RhettMid Tempo
Got it Right This Time -36

Keith UrbanMid Tempo
Better Life - 37

Keith UrbanFaster Tempo
Making Memories
Of Us - 38

Keith UrbanSlow Song
Dance With Me* - 39

Johnny ReidSlow Song
Moon to Remember* - 40

Johnny ReidSlow Song
We Got Us - 41

Canaan SmithMid Tempo
White Trash Wedding - 42

Dixie ChicksFast Song
Love is Your Name - 43

Steven TylerMid Tempo
Like a Wrecking Ball - 44

Eric ChurchSexy Song
Die a Happy Man - 45

Thomas RhettHappy Song
Tennessee Whiskey - 46

Chris StapletonSexy Song
AutographDallas SmithHappy Song

By the way, you can sort the songs alphabetically by clicking the ‘little arrow’ in the ‘Song Name & Artist’ heading. Also, you can change the number of ‘Entries’ to show all of the entries on one page by clicking the arrow beside the number ’10’ and changing the number. *Note*: Songs with an (*) beside them are my personal faves.

A Little Something about a Few of the Songs Featured Above:

Keeper of  The Stars, by Tracy Byrd

Honestly you’ll cry listening to this…it’s so beautiful. If the two or you are madly-deeply in love, these are the words for you. Your family members will probably ball their eyes out while the two of you dance to this song! The song ends with this deep message; It was no accident me finding you, someone had a hand in it, long before we ever knew. This song is especially beautiful for a couple who have known each other since they were very young.Honestly you’ll cry listening to this…it’s so beautiful. If the two or you are madly-deeply in love, these are the words for you. Your family members will probably ball their eyes out while the two of you dance to this song! The song ends with this deep message; It was no accident me finding you, someone had a hand in it, long before we ever knew. This song is especially beautiful for a couple who have known each other since they were very young.

This song was written by Dickey Lee, Danny May and Karen Staley. You’ll find this song on Tracy’s album ‘No Ordinary Man’. It reached number 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Single Charts. It was named Country Song of the Year by the Country Music Association the following year.

When I Said I Do, by Clint Black (Featuring Lisa Hartman Black)

If you’re looking for lyrics that speak for both of you at the same time, this is the ideal wedding song. The song is sung by both Clint Black and Lisa Hartman (who are in fact man and wife). The lyrics sung mostly by Clint, featuring Lisa, make it ideal if you’d rather a song with both a male and female voice in it. The song includes the promise ‘When I said I do, I meant that I will, til’ the end of all time, be faithful and true, devoted to you’. If you’ve been through a lot together prior to marriage, or you’re renewing your vows, this song works.

Clint Black wrote this song and it’s sung by himself featuring his wife Lisa Hartman Black. It was the first single released from his album D’lectrified in 1999. No surprise that this song reached number 1 on the Hot Billboard Singles Country Chart! Being a perfect wedding song, it crossed over and also reached number 31 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

She’s Everything, by Brad Paisley

If you’re looking for a special song that you want to dedicate just to her, then this song says it all. Its’ kind and loving lyrics say exactly what any woman would want to know that her man feels about her.

Anyone watching you dance with your new wife to this song will know how much you love her! It will probably bring tears to a few people as well!

The song was co-written by Brad Paisley with Wil Nance and released in 2006 from his album ‘Time Well Wasted’. It was also Brad’s 7th number one single. It was certified Platinum along with Brad’s hit song ‘Then’ and ‘Whiskey Lullaby’.

It’s Your Love, by Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Although this song is sung mostly by Tim McGraw, Faith Hill sings in the background so you can also choose this one as wedding song that speaks for both of you. The lyrics talk about how love has carried them through…it’s a beautiful thing, don’t think I can keep it all in, I just gotta let you know what it is that won’t let me go, it’s your love…. In the song he essentially says that he’s a better man being with her…with Faith’s beautiful voice singing in the background essentially echoing and confirming her feelings in return.

Written by Stephony Smith, the song was released in May 1997 on Tim Mcgraw’s album ‘Everywhere’. The song reached number one and stayed atop the charts for six weeks. Faith Hill was expecting their first child ‘Gracie’ at the time – you can see how beautiful she looks in their video.

Then, by Brad Paisley

This song ranks as my own personal favorite song for a wedding or anniversary. The song talks about how the love for their significant other has grown since ‘back then’. Sung by Brad, it has a male perspective, however the lyrics can easily be spoken by a woman to a man. If you’re looking for an emotional, heart wrenching song about love, this is it!

Love of My Life, by Sammy Kershaw

This incredible song was written by Keith Stegall and Dan Hill. It was the lead single on his album ‘Labour of Love’ in October 1997. You can also hear it performed as a duet with Canadian Country Music Artist Terri Clark. There should be no surprise that this song reached number 2 in the USA and #3 in Canada. If you’d rather have a male and female voice singing a song for your dance, then the duet version is the way to go – You can listen to both versions below.

You Are the Love of My Life, by Sammy Kershaw (Don’t Miss the Duet with Terri Clark)

This is one of the prettiest, gentle songs you’ll ever listen to…it leans toward more of a traditional country sound and the touching lyrics speak directly to the deep love between a couple. Honestly, don’t miss checking this song out if you’re looking for words that say the one thing that means the most to both of you…’you are the love of my life’.

The Words from ‘You Had Me from Hello’ – The Perfect Love at First Sight Song

I’m not sure how I missed this song over the years, but it completely sailed by without my noticing it until searching for the perfect country music wedding songs! – The lyrics and the music caused me to listen to this song at least 10 times. It actually reminds me of how my husband and I first met..completely by coincidence…and he tells me that it was my smile and my eyes that ‘had him from hello’….a little like this song!

You’ll find ‘You Had Me from Hello’ on Kenny Chesney’s album ‘Everywhere We Go’. The song was written by Skip Ewing and Kenny Chesney and released as the second single in 1999. It reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Single Charts.

Here’s Another Way to Find the Right Song:

Below are four albums featuring Country Music Wedding Songs. When you go to their respective Amazon links, scroll down on Amazon and you’ll see a list of each of the songs on the album and there you’ll be able to listen to a sneak preview of each song.

Country Wedding SongsCountry Wedding SongsCountry Wedding SongsCountry Wedding SongsCountry Wedding Songs - GuitarCountry Wedding Songs – GuitarPiano Versions of Country Songs for Your Wedding CeremonyPiano Versions of Country Songs for Your Wedding Ceremony


Hope you find just the right love song for the special day! If you need unique wedding decor ideas, here’s a collection!

A List of Country Songs for a Wedding First Dance
A List of Country Songs for a Wedding First Dance
The work is already done for you! Featured here are a list of previewed country songs for a wedding first dance! Choose the song with just the right lyrics!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    ummmm, what a wonderful list! Most of us have one song that we consider “our song”, but the couple will need a few songs for their wedding. This is a fabulous way to find complimentary, beautiful and loving songs. For those of us who are already married, I still love discovering love songs to send to my forever sweetheart.

  2. Cynthia, thanks for the visit! every song here my hubby gets to listen to the lyrics as I work, and he is discovering a whole whack of songs that he can dedicate to me now – lol! not really! I tell him ‘here…this one is from you to me’ – he laughs.

  3. What a terrific list of songs. Your lists and your reviews of love songs will be very helpful for someone looking for just that special song for their wedding dance. The song that became OUR song was played on the night my hubby & I got pinned and every time it came on, we got up and danced. This was 2 years before we married. And it’s still the favorite all these years later.

  4. Vicki Green says:

    What a great resource for anyone planning a wedding.

  5. That’s really sweet, and a treasure to keep forever – the music really does take us back

  6. Bet this list is very helpful to those seeking a great romantic country song!

  7. We are about to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary, so I don’t anticipate having another wedding. I will certainly recommend this page to anyone I know who is planning a wedding. I wish such a music resource had been available when I was choosing wedding music. But we didn’t even have the internet or or personal computers back in those days.

  8. Thank you Barb! I sure remember the world before internet; a time stamp; BI and AI 🙂

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