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Loving You Is All I Wanna Do

Filed in Love Poetry, Mom Poetry by on April 26, 2009 0 Comments • views: 3179

When you were born

my face glowed with tears

having you

my fourth child

at forty years

The tears they flowed

not ’cause I was blue

What good had I done to deserve a gift like you

‘Cause Loving You is all I wanna do,

My days are filled just watching over you,

My life is full ’cause your smile can melt me too,

Yes loving you is all I wanna do

My precious little boy

you like wiping off my kisses,

playing with your friends,

especially washing the dishes,

get you a cup of juice, but you have to pour,

believe you struck gold

with a trip to the dollar store

there’s more

we snuggle bunny at night

“your the best baby and I adore you”

“your the best mommy and I adore you,

and you’re the only mommy I have”,

yes, my angel, these are our words

as we fall asleep cuddled up

mother and son, every night

I love you,

I love you

I love you so much,

So reach for the sky

to get answers every day,

Look inside for guidance and just pray,

Hold my hand as you walk your paths today,

and you’ll be ready when I set you on your way,

‘Cause lovin’ you is what I’ll always do,

My days filled just thinkin’ about you,

Given as a gift, I’m humbled yes it’s true,

for Loving, you is what I’ll always do,

Yes, loving you is what I wanna do

Love Always, Mom

A Love Poem From Mother to Child:  My youngest child and I had a little saying that may go down in history in our family as a family treasure. Our closest friends had heard this saying for years in our home. Since my sweet angel was little I would start the sentence, “Loving you?”..then wait for his response, which was always, “is all I wanna do”. Well, you guessed it, I had to carve this little gem in stone, in the form of a poem (and song lyrics). Today, at the time of my writing book of poems, he’s 19 years old. Time is relentless, but I am grateful for the beautiful memories.

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