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Measures – A Poem About Life


We take pleasure

in all the wrong measures,

our body, the house, and our treasures,

Large or small

these are never the story,

only a heart inching to peace

can find glory,

With two feet kicking down

every doorway

we travel miles

learning lessons the hard way,

We choose a long distance to travel

to end up on a road

made of gravel,

With countless shortcuts

staring in our face

still, we join the rat race,

It’s ok to ride bumpy roads

so long as we can carry those loads

and ultimately get where we’re going

a place inside ourselves

that is worth knowing…

For a loving, calm spirit

no matter our life’s toll

is the number we count

when we finally get home,

and forgivingly

measure our soul

©Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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