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Monday to Sunday – A Poem about Missing Someone

Filed in Busy Life Poems, Life Poems, Love Poetry, Missing Someone by on April 26, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2531

On a Monday my time is depicted,
the hours are carefully filled,
the day is spent usually working,
and my nights are eventually killed

On Tuesday my thoughts still of working,
again, it’s a Monday too late
my nights are sometimes more active
but that depends on my emotional state

On Wednesday I anticipate little,
though others see midweek to weekend,
I only see Wednesday as halfway,
with four days still left to descend,

On Thursday, people begin smiling
for the weekend is creeping so near,
but I just stare into oblivion
for what’s a weekend without having you here

On Friday, my work is slowed
to a steady but productive pace,
and my thoughts are geared toward the two days,
I don’t have to fight the rat-race

Now Saturday is here,
and what do I do?
As usually clean,
and sometimes feel blue,
but there is a cure for these feelings,
on such a beautiful day,
one, in particular, is laughing my time,
with my friends who can take some disappointments away

Sunday I dread, for there’s little to do,
as I spend the last day of this week without you
so Monday to Sunday repeats and recycles
and this journey alone becomes my challenge, my struggle
I miss you. I cry.
I love you so much,
come home to me baby,
I need your sweet touch.

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Poem about Missing Someone You Love: Well, I pulled this one out of the dust-bin: Wrote this in the early 1980s and can see I wasn’t a happy camper. It does seem like an appropriate poem for those struggling to get through their week without the person they love. What comes to mind are spouses of those serving in the Military.

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