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Positive Versus Negative Thinking … Why Some People Are, and Why Some People Aren’t

Filed in Motivation by on September 18, 2014 2 Comments • views: 3552

Positive Versus Negative Thinking … and the Battle Continues!

The world is full of many diverse personalities…yep…pretty much a given.

I always find it interesting to listen and learn about someone’s overall view of life.

Are they a glass-half-full type or is that glass not only half-empty, is it really filled with mud!

After spending a great deal of time trying to personally assess what makes people see life so differently, I’ve come to the conclusion that combined with upbringing, it boils down to choice.

I know, I know, I know…some will say, “I’m not choosing to be upset or stressed, life is making me that way!” and I can understand that position because about 20 years ago, I believed that myself. Long since then, and after many life challenges, I have absolutely changed my mind … the lights came on.

If you follow the experts on how the brain works and listen to many famous motivational speakers such as Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Brian Tracy, there is a common denominator expressed by all of them, that being, “if you change your thinking, you change your life”.

After listening to one of Bob Proctor’s presentations, he repeated a quote that currently sits written on a piece of paper pinned to my fridge: “The only thing about a man that is a man, is his mind, everything else you can find in a pig or a horse” by Archibald Macleish an American Poet and Writer (Born May 7, 1892 and Passed April 20, 1982).

So what separates the ‘doers’ from the ‘fowgetaboutits’

It has to be continued training of the mind with a conscious effort on mastering thinking. Now I can just hear it…WHAT! If I have a disaster in my life like a death, the loss of home, or the loss of all my money, there’s no way I can train my mind to still believe the glass is half full! Hmmm …. when I was 20 years old I probably would have nodded my head yes in agreement to this statement, but today, having lived over 30 years beyond that I can safely say, from my own experiences, that NO MATTER the challenge, it’s your thinking that gets you through it. If your thinking is, “I can never survive this, I can’t go on, this is too much” then you will be right, and not only that, you will make sure you’re right because you certainly don’t want to lose an argument with yourself now do you!

To see things in a positive light means having to find your way out of your challenging situations. It means learning how to do it. The mind is a muscle, like any other part of the body and it has to be exercised. If the only exercise you’re giving your mind is to repeatedly say, “I can’t do this”, “I won’t do this”, “this sucks”, “life’s too hard”…you get the picture…then your mind will obediently learn from you what you’re teaching it.

So how do we get ourselves out of a funk? From personal experience I can say that you literally take action everyday to think differently. Of course, many of you are still saying, ‘how in the world do I do that!’ Well another quote printed on my fridge, thanks to another video I had listened to by Bob Proctor, is “You never change things by fighting the existing reality…to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” by R. Buckminister Fuller.

There’s no doubt it, it’s easier said than done to take action to make change, but think about a time in your life that you were about to do something, without question…like a family holiday. You set the date, you worked towards the date to get all the things you needed to get done, done. Then you packed, got in the car or flew to that destination. The entire event was planned and acted upon almost without thought, almost like you were a machine that had tasks to complete and you performed those tasks because you wanted to; it was automatic. The holiday was replacing your current reality, it became the goal, the mission, the task.

Finding a new reality, a new mission is the best way to get out of a bad situation. You can’t change the ‘bad situation’, so you replace it with a new reality. When you find a reality you want to replace it with, I mean really find it, want it and know you want it, then your actions to achieve change will almost become like that holiday you once planned, automatic. It may even become fun and exciting to be taking another road; you’re daring to dream (as they say).

So, to me, being positive doesn’t mean you’re operating blindly and unwilling to see a ‘negative reality’, it means you’re aware of this reality, but refuse to let it define you. You tackle your issues as close to head on as is possible, and build a new model that makes that reality obsolete.

Where to begin you ask? Well, although I personally find the mind a fascinating machine, I’m not a professional trained in the mind, so here’s a video by Bob Proctor on “Changing Your Paradigms” …listen to a motivational video everyday, from the experts (that’s what I try to do), so that you have some tools to help you change your thinking. If you watch a TV show everyday, you become almost an expert on the TV series don’t you…so why not put something in your mind that will grow your knowledge..that’s how I look at it…Here’s Bob:

To Your Success,

**Note: As much as I love the title “Little Miss Know It All”, the above are only my personal opinions and assessments**

Add Your Own Thoughts on Positive and Negative Thinking Below!

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  1. As another who has passed that 20+30 mark and then some, I can attest to all you say here. If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that life is full of surprises, and not all of them are convenient or happy ones. Finding the positive in any situation goes a long way to making peace in our lives.

    One of the things I so value about getting to know you through Squidoo and now HubPages is your genuinely cheerful outlook. Thank you for finding your way from the uncertainties of youth to the uncertainties-plus-positive-attitude of maturity.

  2. @Kathryn, thanks so much, I really appreciate that. You have a terrific attitude through all of it as well, you’re always there looking for a solution oriented way through.

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