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Listen to a Powerful Country Song About Holding On

Are you struggling in ways that others can’t possibly understand? Does it seem like you’ll never get past this place in your life? Holding on for another day and another chance is precisely where you should start. If an inspirational country song about ‘Holding On’ will help you, then go ahead and play and replay Lady Antebellum’s ‘One Day You Will’ over and over. The lyrics deliver a strong message.

The heartbreaking loss of Robin Williams comes to mind when I hear these lyrics. Thinking about this generous comic genius struggling while he gave so much to all of us makes me cry: I wish we could have returned the laughs and joy to help him the way he helped us. His compassionate nature would encourage those struggling today to take these lyrics to heart and ‘hold on.’ If only Robin Williams had given it one more day, if only. Undoubtedly, the world is a little less bright without him.

Get through today, just one day and one step at a time.

(Lyrics) You wake up every morning and ask yourself, What am I doing here anyway?

..but down the road, the sun is shining…in every cloud, there’s a silver lining.

For those suffering from the debilitating disease of depression or those going through hard times, of course, it will take more than a song or talk to get you through. I hope you’ve sought out or have the capacity to seek out the help or medical attention you deserve, and yes, you deserve to live a happy life; you are worth it. Even if you’re feeling unloved, remember that you ARE loved. People who don’t even know you worry about you, people like me, typing this through the cosmos in the hopes that you feel and believe in your value.

It’s strange for some of us to think that we have something to offer the world with our existence, but the fact is, we do. Each of us has something to contribute to this earth, and the most minor things often make the most significant difference. In a piece about the secret to life, I offer a perspective on our cosmic purpose, and it boils down to three things you’ve heard many times: love, forgiveness, and knowledge.

One very personal example is my journey with a loved one through addiction and how taking it one precious second at a time was how we all got through it. It was the holding on that kept us moving forward.

During my hardships, I’ve learned that the greatest escape is stepping outside ourselves and giving our energy to others in need. In my hour of need, people have stepped out to help me. I do know how it feels to be both the recipient of a generous act and the giver of one. Long ago, I discovered that we find value in the act of serving others. Help can come in many forms: offering a hand-up, writing a book to help others, lending an ear to a friend, blogging about your own story, or volunteering your time to a worthy cause, whatever you feel drawn to do.

So whether you’re ready to offer a hand out to someone, which in turn helps yourself, or you need a helping hand, remember the art of holding on because it’s also part of your painting.

(Lyrics) “But down the road the sun is shining, in every cloud there’s a silver lining, Just keep holding on and every heartache makes you stronger, But it won’t be much longer, You’ll find love, You’ll find peace, and the ‘you’ you’re meant to be, I know right now that’s not the way you feel, but one day you will”

If you’re going through tough times, listen to the words of this song and grab onto the tiniest measure of hope – Every day is another chance, and each day, even if it seems minuscule, you’re that much closer to the inner peace, you deserve.

Some Key Links for Those Who Feel They Need A Helping Hand

You can find ‘One Day You Will‘ on their 2008 self titled album. It features 11 terrific songs, including ‘One Day You Will’. It reached the number 1 position for Top Country Billboard Albums for 2008-2009.

‘In every cloud there’s a silver lining, Just keep holding on’ One Day You Will by #LadyAntebellum – Tweet: (Lyrics) 'In every cloud there's a silver lining, Just keep holding on' One Day You Will by #ladyantebellum Tweet these Lyrics

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  1. Cynthia says:

    An excellent article, an awesome song and a tremendous reminder that sometimes we just need to hang in there until the pain or stress passes. And I also agree, Robin Williams obvious struggle and death was extremely upsetting.

  2. Beautiful song and even more beautiful article. Your sensitivity and compassion toward those suffering loss and loneliness clearly comes from a heart who knows and made it through to the other side. I, too, can attest that it is worth it to hang in there and find a way through to better times. I am grateful that I survived despair many times over because it is that survival that permitted me years of joys. Sorrows still come from time to time–a part of life–but now I know I can get through them, and the moments of joy and peace will come again, and perhaps something beautiful and unexpected. We never know the good turns our lives might take.

    Though at times it seems impossible. the song’s words so true, “One day you will.”

  3. Kathryn, what a powerful comment you left. You put it so well and as you eloquently expressed,those moments of joy and peace will come again – love what you added ‘perhaps something beautiful and unexpected will happen’. Really enjoyed reading your words today. <3

  4. Cynthia, thank you. Robin William’s passing affected so many people, and it’s what compelled me to write this page. You said it well, ‘extremely upsetting’.

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