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Over 50 Different Sayings About Love and Life

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Original Sayings about Love and Life to Text, Tweet or Blurt Out in Person!

When you need the right words, and maybe even the right song to express your love…here are 51 to help you out!

  1. Loving you is like air, you may not be able to see my love for you but I need it to breath
  2. If you think of life like it’s a swimming pool you’ll remember to never hold your breath for too long
  3. When I met you I knew my life was about to change
  4. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why things happen, but I clearly understand why you and I happened
  5. On the road of life, I’m always on the rocks
  6. Pigs must have started to fly, because I’m officially in love
  7. Life doesn’t make sense unless there’s a place for you
  8. I don’t just say I love you, I feel I love you
  9. The corners we turn often take us to places a straight road wouldn’t
  10. I know what it means to love deeply, it means you’ve let go and are willing to fall
  11. Your life matters so it’s worthy of your 100% effort
  12. We are spirit beings by nature which makes us capable of unlimited possibilities
  13. There isn’t a time when I didn’t love you, that includes before I knew you
  14. Life brings us unexpected moments, love brings us home
  15. Holding you feels as though I’ve just found the other half of my whole
  16. I’m not in this world with you, yet I know how you love me
  17. It was during another time we had life together, and our love has never died
  18. I am the woman who loves this man
  19. Summer roads lead me to you where we embrace the sun together
  20. Don’t talk to me, I love you too much
  21. I want to be connected to you in an unearthly way
  22. Life has a way off handing us a bowl of cherries when we thought all the fruit was eaten
  23. Your life means more to me than my own
  24. Life has a way of sneaking up from behind and tickling you
  25. Your love is like a catalyst of my soul
  26. I’m oblivious to everything around me when you enter the room
  27. The way you love me leaves me thinking you’re really an angel
  28. Life says hello when you’re willing to hear the words
  29. Your life means more to me than my own
  30. Life has a way of sneaking up from behind and tickling you
  31. The way you love me leaves me thinking you’re really an angel
  32. You’ve forgiven everything I’ve done, how can I live up to that gift
  33. You taught me to be everything that I am
  34. In an uncertain world, you can be assured that my love for you is the most real thing there is
  35. In an effort to remain calm, I will not scream I love you from the top of the CN Tower
  36. Meet me inside my heart on valentines day
  37. The sun shines when I think of you, which means it never rains
  38. Let’s take a quiet moment and snuggle
  39. I can’t believe how amazing it feels to be in love
  40. Getting close to you has been the greatest gift of my life
  41. Life has a way of setting love traps on us – my foot is stuck in one
  42. How the heck do I get out of this dream state when I’m with you
  43. I could hold you all day and night
  44. I wish we could stop time right here and right now
  45. If loving you meant I had to lose you, I would still love you
  46. Your heart owns me outright
  47. The only pre-nup I want you to sign is that if you leave me you take my heart
  48. In the December of life, I want to stand in the snow with you
  49. Life hands us lemons and we use them as a centerpiece
  50. I evol uoy backwards and forwards
  51. Love is the one thing that can solve any problem
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