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Shadowed Love

Filed in Lack of Communication Poetry, Love Poetry by on April 27, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2231

I have done my best not to love you

I have tried so hard to make it die

and now my plot it works

but when will I know why


I see your pain,

I feel your tears,

Yet no pain or tears you reveal,

For you have closed your doors to all this strife

so the agony won’t seem real


I love you. It’s true.

Yet, for me, when I love,

it’s easy to say,

the words will flow,

and you feel me in this way


For you, loving words are not natural

For you, being quiet is fair,

although you love me, you just don’t speak

which makes me believe

you simply don’t care


To save our love from the trap fallen into,

so many times before,

please see my side and I’ll see yours,

and in doing so

we can meet at love’s door

A Poem About a Couple Who Can’t Communicate Effectively:  Written in the late 1970s, this poem refers to people who love each other but are unable to effectively communicate and express their love because they are simply on different wavelengths. One is expressive, the other isn’t. It’s a common tale, and sometimes couples can’t work it out. Their break-up becomes a lesson in self-discovery. 

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