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She Makes Me a Better Man Country Songs

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Romantic Country Songs About How She Makes Him a Better Man

She brings out the best in him, and the only explanation for it is that he loves her to the core of his being, so much so, that when he’s with her, he’s reminded of the man he wants to be, the man he could be, and ultimately, the man he is becoming.

Love brings out the best in people, and like other story telling lyrics you find in country music, there’s a terrific collection of country songs about how she makes him a better man. As a woman writing this, and listening to these songs, I have to say, it’s powerful to hear mending lyrics like this from a man.

Contrary to the what many men may think, many women believe it takes great strength to admit this…and just hearing a man speak (or sing) in such a vulnerable way, shows that he’s truly trying to be the best version of himself. It takes a big man to admit his failings, and that strength doesn’t go unnoticed.

Below you’ll find several of the best ‘Better Man Country Songs’ out there today. Look for a description of the song, listen to it in the above video playlist, and get the song if needed where indicated below.

She Makes Me Better Country Songs


Better ManLady Antebellum

Who I Am With YouChris Young

Like Jesus Does
[Visit the ER]
Eric Church

Better Than I Used
to Be
[Visit the ER]
Tim McGraw

She's Good for MeJason McCoy

A Better ManClint Black

My Next Thirty Years
[Visit the ER]
Tim McGraw

God Gave Me YouBlake Shelton

Loving You Makes
Me a Better Man
Vince Gill

All For YouKeith Urban

She Loves Me Like Jesus Does, Eric Church

He hasn’t been the best example of a what a good man should be, but his lady has stayed with him through it all. She sees in him the better man, the one he so reluctantly holds quietly within: (Lyrics) ‘She knows the man I am, she forgives me when I can’t, she loves me like Jesus does’. Her love slowly steers him away from the worst version of himself.

Better Than I Used To Be, Tim McGraw

(Lyrics)… I’m cleaning up my act little by little…

He’s broken a lot of hearts, he’s hurt a lot of people, and you don’t have to dig too deep to find

some dirt on him…but this man is making changes, ‘he ain’t as good as he’s gonna get, but he’s better than he used to be’. Put some faith in him, and someday you’ll see that underneath all that rust is a shiny diamond. This man is a fortunate man to have a woman who sees that diamond long before he was ready to reveal it, even to himself.

She’s Good For Me, Jason McCoy

(Lyrics)…She’s the Only Reason I Ain’t Who I Used to Be…

(Lyrics) ‘She stands up to all my demons, brother she’s the only reason I ain’t who I used to be, she’s good for me’ –¬†She’s helped find his better self, whether it’s from quitting smoking or just being an all around better human being. Without her who knows which road he may have travelled, but he knows one thing for sure, it wouldn’t have been good for him…she’s good for him.

A Better Man, Clint Black

(Lyrics) ‘…I know I’m leavin’ here a better man For knowin’ you…’

You’ll find a better man on Clint Black’s 1989 album Killin Time. If you prefer a more traditional country sound, then this is your song. However, the lyrics aren’t about a life-long¬†commitment, but instead speak about how ‘he’s leaving here a better man’. Although he wasn’t able to keep this lady in his life, he’s grateful for the positive influence she’s had on him and how he’s a better person for knowing her even for the short time they shared together.

My Next Thirty Years, by Tim McGraw

(Lyrics) ‘….Make up for Lost Time in My Next Thirty Years’

Although this song doesn’t specifically attribute the changes that he wants to make to a woman, it certainly does speak about wanting to make changes to become a better man. In his next thirty years, he wants to make changes from the practical to the spiritual. He plans to spend precious moments with the ones he holds dear and make up for all that lost time. The upbeat music makes it a fun bouncy song with a positive message about being willing to change.

God Gave Me You, by Blake Shelton

He’s been a walking heartache, and he’s made of mess of himself, but God gave him you for the ups and downs, for the days of doubt and mostly for when he’s felt he lost his way. You’ll always be the one to pull him through and on his own he’s not whole, he can’t be without you as you’ve grown to be one.

This song is incredibly beautiful. The video starts off with Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton’s wife, prior to their wedding day, speaking with deep love about how they’ve survived just about everything in their relationship and how she’s ready to take the next step in commitment to spend the rest of her life with him. Blake begins to sing the powerful lyrics of relationship survival…’God gave me you…you stayed here right beside me and watched as the storm blew through…you’ll always be loves great martyr and I’ll be the flattered fool…on my own I’m only half of what I could be’ (lyrics)

The song ‘God Gave Me You’ is actually a cover by Blake Shelton of Contemporary Christian Singer Dave Barnes’ song. You’ll find the song as the second single release from his album, ‘Red River Blue and Cheers’. Like Blake who’s honoring his wife Miranda with this song, so was the original artist. Dave Barnes said he was thinking about his wife Annie who supported him through all the ups and downs of his music career.

Loving You Makes Me a Better Man, by Vince Gill

You’ll find this hauntingly romantic song by Vince Gill on the motion picture album from the movie ‘For the Love of the Game’. If you appreciate a silky lyrical sound, then you’ll love this song. The lyrics speak directly about how he’s a better man because of her. She inspires strength in him that he sometimes doesn’t even know he has within himself. He’s been wrong many times and equally lost, but her loves has carried him through the storm and through it all.

Better Man, by Lady Antebellum

This melodic tune by Lady Antebellum can be found on their album ‘Golden’ which was released in May 2013. The song talks about the first time he laid eyes on her at that downtown cafe. He says he can’t imagine where he’d be if they hadn’t met. Sometimes he finds it hard to keep both feet on the ground but through all those ups and downs they’ve stayed together, and she’s helped to get him through.

All For You, Keith Urban

If you haven’t heard ‘All for You by Keith Urban’ take a moment to listen to the video below: You can feel the intense love expressed in the lyrics in this song. …(Lyrics) ‘day after day you find a way to make this grown man cry…I’m all for you’. Any man speaking these words to their woman would have their heart tightly sewn up. Although the song doesn’t specifically say ‘she’s made him a better man, the lyrics start off with his expressing how ‘she changed his life, and changed his ways…it must be a reflection of you’. You can sure feel Keith Urban’s love for his wife Nicole in these lyrics. Just beautiful.


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