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An Incredibly Moving Song About an Absentee Father

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And All I Remember is Your Back, Walking Towards the Airport Leaving Us All in Your Past (Lyrics)

Kelly Clarkson’s heart-wrenching performance on American Idol’s Farewell Season of her very personal song about an absentee father called Piece by Piece left the viewing audience and Keith Urban in tears.

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The lyrics tell the story of Ms. Clarkson’s father leaving when she was only six. When the family split, her sister was sent to live with an aunt, her brother with their father, and Kelly with their mom. The siblings didn’t reunite until around the time Kelly entered the Idol scene.

But I’m not here to write shocking gossip tidbits or attempt to infect the public airways with another pointless shock and awe story. After all, isn’t it easy to sit behind a keyboard and pass judgment in a world with an endless supply of it?

Life Is Just One Giant Exercise in Forgiveness

This commentary isn’t meant to accuse or add to the already painful repercussions caused by the all-too-common infection of lousy parenting.

Although we may not fall into the category of parental abandonment, not one of us is perfect. We’ve all failed in some way, and we’ve all failed someone along the way.

It hurts to hurt, and it hurts to be broken.

However, this kind of pain, the pain of a child feeling left behind, unloved, and worthless, is a wound that often generates mountains of collateral damage. In Kelly’s case, the cycle has been broken as she gracefully vows to put her children first. But what about those who can’t or won’t?

As the famous quote ‘Hurt people, Hurt people‘ states, the pain is often paid forward, and usually, those we love or claim we love are the victims.

No matter what, the remnants of bad decisions, payback, and the subconscious pain of buried scars ALWAYS find their way to the surface.

When we’re young, we falsely believe we’ve mastered it all, conquered it all, and are freed from those demons we long ago tucked into a box and tossed in the ocean.

But the truth is, that box will always find its way to the surface, and at some point, we’ll be forced to open it and deal with the pain.

For some, the box is opened and released in a song as Kelly Clarkson so beautifully did when she wrote Piece By Piece. For others, the box isn’t remembered until they lay on their deathbed facing what seem to be unbearable truths.

Yet for others who believe in a life beyond this one, that box is carried with them as they pass into the next world, where they’re gifted the biggest secret held back from a human life: that we still have to deal with the unsaid and undone.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not…

Let it go before then.

Let your pain go.

Free yourself, forgive yourself, and forgive those who’ve hurt you.

Live a life of love.

When you’re angry at someone, love them through it.

Say a prayer for them. Say one for yourself.

And when you’ve hurt someone, repent and give yourself the same grace you’re willing to give someone else: forgiveness.

Most of all, change your ways.

Vow to be the kind of man, woman, child, teen, young adult, or senior you always knew you could be.

It’s never too late.

We were all given two gifts today; we opened our eyes.

Begin today.

About Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece is a song on Kelly Clarkson’s seventh studio album of the same name. Greg Kurstin, who also produced the album, was co-writer with Kelly. The song was first released as a promotional single on February 24, 2015. Her performance on American Idol’s final season (February 25, 2016) introduced the song to those who hadn’t heard it in 2015 and thus shot the tune to number 1 on iTunes the next day. Note that the version she sang on American Idol is a slower acoustic version than the previously released mid-tempo version.

Fans of Kelly Clarkson can follow her via her Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. Interesting that Kelly Clarkson used music as a way to deal with her heartbreak pain.

  2. Pat, thanks for stopping by – song therapy that helps so many as well

  3. Beautiful song… beautiful commentary on forgiveness, even self-forgiveness. Thanks, Barbara! I love your website.

  4. Linda, thank you for stopping by, hope all is going well – appreciate it <3

  5. Cynthia says:

    This is truly a very touching and emotional song. I have been very blessed that my father has always been here for me, my mom and all my siblings, but I have seen the devastation in others lives when a parent leaves. There is another powerful message in this song though. The strength of personal integrity and determination in spite of it all. It actually makes me respect Kelly and not just like her music. Thank you for sharing this Barbara.

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