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Country Song about Loving Him Despite His Faults

Country Song About Loving Him Despite His Faults – Like Jesus Does, by Eric Church

You love him despite his obvious bad boy faults; but it’s more than love…you believe in him. You see in him the potential that he himself has had trouble seeing. He knows better than anyone that he’s far from perfect, and he’s eternally grateful for his woman who chooses to see what’s beautiful in him.

Eric Church on iTunes

Like Jesus Does, by Eric Church

When I first heard this song, I have to be honest; the music wasn’t what kept me listening…it was, without a doubt, the lyrics. The music won me over fairly quickly though! The tone and style of Eric Church’s voice tells this story with an aching realness; he beautifully expresses the man’s appreciation for the woman who loves him despite his failings.

She Knows the Man I Am, She Forgives Me When I Can’t – A Powerful Lyric

This lyric alone encapsulates the entire song. Even if he has trouble forgiving himself, she sees something that he’s been unable to see in himself. Self-forgiveness is probably the most challenging thing to achieve, especially if your track record hasn’t been honorable. That’s why this song is special. With love, there is hope; with hope, a person who needs to be encouraged to take the better road can at least find it.

About Eric Church

His most recent Album is The Outsiders. It debuted February 2014. However, Eric has been in the music industry for several years and was signed by Capital Records in 2005. His first album release was ‘Sinners Like Me’. You can find ‘Like Jesus Does’ on his 2011 Album, Chief. In 2011, Eric Church won Vocal Event of the Year at the ACM’s for ‘The Only Way I Know’ (with Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan).

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