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Song Dedications for Dad about Loss, Love and Honor

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Daughter to Father
Son to Father
Absentee Dad
A Good Dad
Lived a Life of Love
Son to Father
Understanding Dad
Daughter to Dad
Absentee Dad
Son to Father
Dad's not Perfect
Son to StepDad
Son to Father
An Involved Dad
Father to Daughter
Father Advice
Father Life Reflection
Father Life Reflection
Son for Passed
On Father
Daughter to Father
Daughter to Father
Son Missing Dad
Father Son Song
Daughter to Dad
Passing Away
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Stay At Home Dad
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Father & Young Son
To Husband & Son
From Wife
Son to Father
Father's Love of Family

The loss of my father has been more than words can express. He passed on March 5th of this year (2013).  To cope, I decided that I would post a song with a personal dedication to him each month for a year. I wasn’t able to start this until May 2013 – It was too hard.

I posted these on Facebook but decided I needed a place where I could easily sort through the months,  so I’m now putting the entries here as well.

Song lyrics say so much, and each month the song choice for the loss of my dad has an exceptional meaning. Perhaps these songs about loss will help you as well in your hour of need.


March 5th, 2014 – It’s One Year Today

I Will Testify to Love

As most of you know, for one year, on the 5th of each month, I’ve been writing a dedication with a song choice for my recently passed father.

Today is 1 Year. One year today, at 2:15 pm, the man I respected most in this world passed away. I’ve written a great deal about the pain of this loss, but today, although the tears flow as I’m sure they will for the rest of my life, I want to approach this dedication differently.

I remembered watching a compelling episode on the TV show Touched by an Angel many years ago. This episode featured a story and song about a little boy who was going to die and how the parents, of course, couldn’t accept it. The little boy had a list of things he wanted to complete before he passed on, and the episode was about his loved ones coming to terms with their child moving on. Numerous Stars were featured in this episode, and one of the final items on the little boy’s list was to finish a song he had started. The song was finished, and Wynona Judd sings the song.

Long ago, when I heard this song, it resonated with me, with my life.

I’m dedicating this song to my father today; I’ve symbolically changed the final gifts given to this little boy, in my own mind, to honor dad: The flag raised for this little boy is replaced with my father’s name, the little boy in the rocking chair is my dad, and the girl playing the guitar and singing out the words is me saying exactly what my father left with me and many others…The Gift of Love…the message to give love, and to love with all your heart. The crowd that gathers for this song are all the people fortunate to know him, and I like to believe that the Angels were there to help dad cross over.

Dad was only human, but the biggest gift he left me, my brothers, his grandkids, his brothers and sisters, his extended family, his friends, and especially my mother was the gift of love. If I could scream this from a mountain right now, it’s what I would tell the world about my dad.

Dad knew how to laugh, to lead, to give, to help, to be tough when it was necessary, to be fair, to fall and get up again, to forgive, but more than anything in this world, Dad knew how to love unconditionally. I miss him more than I could express in mere words.

So dad, today we are singing this song in your honor. I love you forever, and until the end of time, and time never ends. Buster Lives Here.

My dedication to our family – Inspired by Dad


February 5th, 2014 – Almost a Year Now

This month, I’m just putting a link to a page I wrote for Dad a few weeks ago called, ‘I Won’t Let Go’ – It doesn’t get easier with time for me; it just gets more cemented that I’ll never see him again as long as I live – Grief is hard to explain. Here’s my page for dad, ‘I Won’t Let Go’

It features this song, ‘I Won’t Let Go, by Rascal Flatts’


 January 5th, 2014 – It’s a New Year dad; 10 months today since you’ve been gone.

Dad, I think back to a particular visit when I was sitting by your bedside in the hospital; you were having a horrible day that day, and you were in incredible pain. It broke my heart to pieces to see you suffer, dad. Other than losing you, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. As you were biting your lip through the pain, I held your hand, and you asked me, “should I die, Barb, should I die.” Dad, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t say, ‘you can let go now.’ I couldn’t do it, Dad. I wanted to be able to say it, but it wouldn’t have been an honest answer.

If I’m frank, I still can’t say it. As the song says, “It was killing me to see the strongest man I ever knew wasting away to nothing in that hospital room,” and even then, I couldn’t let go. I often wonder if I’ll ever get to a place where it all makes sense again. I’m hoping it will, but part of me never wants to.

I want to see you again, is that so wrong? I miss you.

Dad, through all of it, through every stage of our lives, you were the rock. I like to think of you as the only rock with a huge heart. Even in your later years, when your health wasn’t great, you were still pretty tough. Did you know how proud I was to be your daughter? I hope you knew that, Dad because part of me wants to scream it from the tallest building so the whole world can hear it.

But dad, don’t you worry about me, I’m trying to find my way, and although it’s not enough, I know you’re here in spirit.

This monthly song selection, ‘You Can Let Go Now Daddy,’ is my attempt at saying what I couldn’t say in the hospital that day. Can I ask you one favor though, please don’t let go; I couldn’t bear it.


December 5, 2013 – Song Dedication for Dad

Dad, it’s 9 months today since you left us. Being the last month in 2013, most people would believe it’s understandable to say, “I can’t wait for this year to end; it’s been really hard.” But I look at it differently.

In 1960 I was born your daughter, and in 1960, as your baby girl, I received my first hug from you, and I know you received your first hug from me. We were formally introduced, and 1960 was our first hello.

So I’m sure you can see how 2013 will forever hold a special place in my heart; it’s the last year in this life I placed my head on your chest,  my arms around your neck, and was able to hug you while you slept, and dad, it was the last year I received a hug from you too. I often flashback to that last hug on March 2, three days before you passed away, and all my thoughts of that day and my whole life as your daughter come rushing back. I guess they always will.

Dad, that’s why 2013 will forever be for me like 1960 was to you – the year of a precious and unforgettable moment, the moment I said goodbye. From a year of firsts to a year of lasts, love lives on forever, and so will you.

This month I chose these two songs as a dedication to you because of the words; if I had been the writer, these are the words I would choose to say to you today—two song choices to end the year, yes, two songs.
Merry Christmas and Hello Dad, I will not say goodbye, not ever; I love you.

Hello Again Dad,

No Goodbyes Dad


November 5th, 2013 Song Dedication for Dad:

Dad, it’s been 8 months today that you’re gone, and I know I’ve accepted the fact that I will never wrap my mind around this. Not ever. But truthfully, I don’t ever want to. Dad, coming to terms with the simplest things has been the biggest surprise for me. I use the word ‘surprise’ because it can’t be fully understood until this part of life is personally experienced.

Dad, the simplest things are these: Missing how much you loved us all and how you never held back saying so, hearing your voice, seeing your face, listening to your funny one-liners, your hand rubbing my head while I sit in the chair as you walk by, watching you play cards, asking me if I’m Ok, telling mom how good her meal was, your love for mom, the night you said to me not long ago, “I have great kids” – I have to say this about death and loss; everything else in life that was less than perfect means nothing compared to the pain of losing you.

Loving each other is everything – in the end, it’s all that matters, and it’s the only thing that counts. The love we gave IS the love we take with us. I didn’t need to lose you to understand this, but since you’ve been gone, it’s not just a platitude; it’s a fact. I know this much Dad, I will love you with my soul for as long as energy exists.

This month’s selection is a little personal – It’s a song that I like to think you would want to dedicate to Mom, Johnny, Larry, and me. Watch over mom for us, Dad.


October 5th, 2013 Song Dedication for Dad:

Oct 5th – Dad, it’s hard to believe it’s been 7 months. I can’t say I’ve wrapped my mind around this … it would be a lie to say that. But I’m trying to live life in a way that honors you (and mom) – For someone who writes poems, I have to say I have yet to find the words to describe this kind of loss. I’ve been trying to find the words, and I think I’ve found one way to describe it…

“When someone you love, is not only someone you love, but also someone who has been an integral part of your identity since you were born, moves on … a part of you has to go through a re-birth of sorts … the birth of a new life, except this birth includes a lifetime of memories of a person who is no longer living when you live”

As crazy as it sounds, death becomes a part of growth… I’m not sure I like that; in fact, I hate it. But I’m working to understand it, and I know you watch over us, and for that reason, I’ll accept it and do my absolute best in this life.

This month I chose a song for you by Westlife, called I’ll See You Again. It’s a gorgeous song written to honor two of the band members’ Fathers who passed away.


September 5th, 2013 Song Dedication for Dad:

With my coat on, purse over my shoulder, and tears streaming down my face, I stood at your hospital door on a cold Saturday evening on March 2nd; it was time to say goodbye – only for the night, I thought. I would be heading back to Toronto the next morning, and even though I had been with you on and off for a few months, I didn’t want to go, but I would be back mid-week to see you again.

You were in your bed, dad, not awake, not coherent, and yet it’s a moment I will treasure for the rest of my life. A million memories ran through my mind in a flash – Mostly how privileged I felt to be your daughter; how you loved us all so much; how much you loved mom; how you made us laugh all the time; how giving you were; how large your personality was and how you were such a selfless, loving, strong soul in this life.

As I walked down the hospital corridor, away from you that night, the thoughts of how different life would be without you and how much I loved you were in my heart. You left this life on March 5, 2013 – a Tuesday – before I could get back to you.

But I felt you with me when you left dad, yes I did.

This month to honor you, I’ve selected a song with words that I think you may have wanted to say to me, to all of us … if you could have … that night on March 2nd.


August 5th, 2013 Song Dedication for Dad:

Every month on (or near the 5th), I choose a song and post it to honor Dad… This month I decided to choose a song that might be the words that Dad would want to pass along to all of us – We miss you, Dad, every second of every minute of every day – nothing prepares you for this. NOTHING. NOT ONE THING. But I would like to think if you wanted to say something to all of us, these words may encompass some of what that message would be – So Dad, here are words from you to Mom, Johnny, Larry, Me, Marnie, Dolly, John, Karen, Fiona, Nicole, Danielle, Ryan, Justin, Jared, Joshua, Jesse, Robyn, Chris, Jason, Billy, Susie, Tootsie, Denis, Scott, and all your Nieces & Nephews & Cousins, & to Mom’s family too (and I’m sure Uncle Bobby and Uncle Claude would concur) – So here it is Dad, a song from you to us…You were one of a kind dad, there was only one Buster, and there will only ever be one – The man of my dreams, my dad – We love you … I love you.


July 5th, 2013 Song Dedication for Dad:

Every month on the 5th, I post a song for my dad – I plan to do this for 1 year – he passed at 2:15 pm 4 months ago – March 5th – we miss you, dad here’s this months song for dad:


June 5th, 2013 Song Dedication for Dad:

Dad, I love you so much – tomorrow is 3 months since you’ve been gone; it’s hard.


May 5th, 2013 Song Dedication for Dad:

I so miss his heart, his voice – this is for you dad


My Personal Letter Written  for Dad’s Celebration of Life Service:

I’ve been reluctant to put my thoughts to paper about you because I don’t want to reduce my love and feelings for you into “mere sentences.” I want people to feel what it felt like being your daughter, completely cared for, loved, and safe. But you know what, dad, not only did you make me feel this way, but you also made many other people feel this too.

So I’ve been struggling with this.

What do I say to you that I already haven’t told you: You know how much I love you, I say it all the time, I know how much you love me, you said it all the time too.
There wasn’t anything left unsaid, Dad … so what do I say to fill in the blanks of how you succeeded at making me (and others) feel so loved and safe.

So here’s what I’ve come up with:

Dad (and mom); I loved my childhood. You both made it wonderful being your child. Our home was always open to many visitors and family throughout those years, and I loved that. Sometimes our home was like grand central station with visitors, and as a young person, it was so nice to see grown-ups getting together, laughing, teasing, and having a good time.

Dad and mom, you both made sure we had holidays and family trips. I appreciated that so much. Our summer holidays would consist of loading Larry, Johnny, and me up in the car and traveling through Canada to wherever dad’s work was during that time. For dad, it was work, but it never felt like we were with him working. We would stay in motels with pools, eat what we wanted, and have a complete blast. Sometimes we would even sleep in the car while you both drove all night to wherever it was we were going.

Fortunately for me, some of our trips also included Dolly (but poor Johnny was outnumbered )..*ahem* that’s ok; he loves us big time anyway. Even when Dad was working on these trips, he would find a way for us to see a bit of the sights. Dad was known for giving people little personal tours of areas he knew about.

Many of my summers also included being allowed to stay with Dolly in Winnipeg, and mom and dad made sure I had those opportunities. Dad cared about family and family being together, so I’m sure he knew how good it was for Dolly and me and Grandma to have our time too.

Thanks to mom and dad, figure skating was a big part of my life. You went above and beyond, making sure I was able to participate. I spent nearly ten years in this sport, and because of this, I learned many much-needed character life lessons about persistence, dedication, patience, and commitment. That’s the good side of sports!

You also permitted me to Back-Pack through Europe when I was 17, and although I used my own money for that trip – you bailed me out near the end by sending cash when we ran out of money in London, England! Thanks for that, ‘cause otherwise we’d still be there!

You’ve been there for us through it all, and I want to end this by thanking you for all you’ve done for John, the Kids, and me. You’ve been there (and my mom too) through thick and thin – when times were tough, and often they were, you were always there providing a soft place to land – your arms were so big you caught us all – I don’t expect everyone to really know all you’ve done, nor do I think details matter – it’s your kindness of spirit and your amazing heart that stands out to us – My cousin Roberta put it well to me in an email – she said “it feels like a famous person has died” – that’s because you left that impact on people who met you.

Dad, as we go through this stage of life and the years ahead without you, it’s ‘The Nevers” that gets me the most.

Never another call,

Never another I love you,

Never another “are you ok,”

Never another help your mom (although you know I will always do that),

Never another hug,

Never another smile from you,

Never another “call us when you get home,”

Never another moment when I watch you rub moms feet,

Never another head rub,

Never seeing your face again,

This is what’s on my mind right now – I’ll work through it, but it’s hard.

Forever and Always Your Daughter til the end of time and time never ends,
Love you and miss you,

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Comments (12)

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  1. Margaret says:

    Barbara dear,
    This is such a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your wonderful dad. You are such a special soul and I can imagine how incredibly special he must have been.
    Thank you so much for sharing from the heart.
    Big hugs to you.

  2. Cynthia says:

    This is such a beautiful and loving tribute page. So often, what we can manage to say in words, we can somehow express through songs. I have no doubt that you father has heard every song you featured for him.

    Barbara, I am so very sorry for your loss. There is nothing I can say that will make anything better. I do want to comment though about how very blessed you were to have such a wonderful father. The deep grief alone speaks of the tremendous love you shared.

  3. Cynthia, thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind and very thoughtful comment. It’s very much appreciated. <3

  4. Toni says:

    It’s amazing how you are remembering your dad. The music is perfect. I’m sorry for your loss, as I read through alot of your posts I seen you said nobody truly understands. I feel the same way. I don’t think a single soul can honestly know how I feel. But it seems you do… my dad only just passed away this June 24 2016 of cancer and he was only 60 … I am lost and alone and beyond heartbroken. Most days I don’t even want to go on… I cry every single night and beg God for him back… I know I can’t have him back but it’s how I feel… I do realize he is in a better place and out of the severe pain and suffering he was in… but I sure do miss him, love him and need him… however reading your posts and listening to the music helped me for tonight. And finally let me realize that there is someone out there who knows how I feel…thank you for this…

  5. Toni, my heart goes out to you. I do know how you feel. The pain you described, how no one understands, is like what I felt. When dad first passed, people would say to me, it will get easier as time goes by, and I have to say, I didn’t believe them that that was possible. Now that it’s been a few years, it isn’t easier, it’s just that I’m learning to find a way to go on without him. And I hate that I have to. Absolutely hate it. Mad that I have to, but yet here I am doing it without trying. You’ll find your way, and you’ll find a place where life gets a little better – but in that first year or so, it’s brutal. I feel what you feel. Knowing my grandkids, when they arrive will never know who my dad was bothers me a lot. But I know he watches over, somehow I know. And your dad is as well, watching over you.

  6. Toni says:

    Thank you so much Barbara… I sure do hope i can learn to deal with it. There are so many things I blame myself for. My dad lived with me and I took care of him. I keep blaming myself for leaving the hospital just a little too early.. I was there and decided to go home for the night to return in the morning and when I got home I got the call. If I had stayed a half hour more he wouldn’t have died alone. I should have stayed a little longer. I wanted to say goodbye or at least be there for him. The doctors had just told me he was gonna go within the week but also said it wouldn’t be that night. So I went home to sleep. Now I hate myself for leaving. Sorry for spouting all this on you. I just need to tell someone who gets it… thanks for listening…

  7. Toni, so sorry you’re coping with this. When my dad was passing a nurse said something to me that made sense, and that was that ‘we choose our exit’. I’ve actually written about this. I had the same thing happen to me as well with my dad. I had been with the family for months (I live out of town) and was assured if I go home for a few days then come back it would be fine. Well, the same thing happened to me. My dad passed 3 days later before I could get back. I came to terms with not being there based on what the nurse had said to me…’we choose our exit’. In my dad’s case I could totally understand how he would not want to exit with me there – that he felt a sense of responsibility as a dad to be there for me – and I wasn’t ready to let him go, and he must have known that. My dad wasn’t conscious most of the last week or so, but my mom said that on the next day after I left he found the voice to say ‘where’s Barb’ to mom – mom told him I had gone home and would be back. Well, my intuition about him leaving when I wasn’t there, was right. Because that’s what he did – he didn’t want me to be there, he was worried for me. I think in your dad’s case it could very well be a similar thing. Your dad chose his exit and it was when you weren’t there because he didn’t want you to go through the pain that it would cause you to witness it. Hold onto to that thought, because I’m sure your dad would not want you to torment yourself with the thoughts you are having. I know for a fact, my dad wouldn’t. Big hugs to you as you go through this. It’s hard. You’ll get there, you’ll get through it. Your dad wants you to. He’s watching over you.

  8. Toni says:

    Thank you so much Barbara.. you have been very helpful. I will do my best to keep in mind he may have not wanted me there… good luck to you as well. I’m glad you have found a way to keep going.

  9. Toni, hang in there, life will start to make sense, just in a different way – I equate it to going on a one way trip to a place you’ve never been – everything is new, even scary, but eventually this new trip becomes familiar in it’s own weird way. You’ll find a way to keep going too, I’m sure your dad wants that more than anything.

  10. Patrick Richard says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I also lost my dad this year, 2017, January 29th (Sunday). Even it is about 3 months now, I still haven’t gotten over the fact that my dad is no longer with us anymore. I live and work in another province, while my parents and sisters live in the other so it came really hard on me when I lost my dad. I tried keeping my head up and working but at night times, it always get me when I am alone while my family are asleep. I cried most of the time at nights too…

    For the songs you have listed, I have listened to most of them already and I am glad they all made the list You should add maybe a couple more songs like;
    “When I look at you” by Miley Cyrus (one of my favourite song)
    “Thank you for being my Dad” by Jon Barker
    “You are my Hero Daddy”
    “You can let go” by Crystal Shawanda

    Thanks for sharing your story out here and God bless you.

    Patrick from Papua New Guinea

  11. Patrick, my heart goes out to you, it’s such an incredibly difficult part of life that is so hard to put into words. I hope you find peace as time goes by although, I’m not sure we do, I think we continue breathing in and out and living life just with a different perspective. Blessings to you.

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