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A Song that Puts Life in Perspective

A Meaningful Song that Puts Life in Perspective, ‘So Small’ by Carrie Underwood

Sometimes That Mountain You’ve Been Climbing is Just a Grain of Sand (Lyrics)

You’re in the middle of what you feel are mountains of problems, and you’re unsure when this tunnel of darkness intends to end.

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Your enormous dreams seem to consistently meet wall after wall, and you’re exhausted just thinking about it. If this sounds like something you’re going through, then Carrie Underwood’s song ‘So Small’ may help you see another perspective and be a much-needed inspirational gift.

(Lyrics) …What You’ve Been Out There Searching for Forever, is In Your Hands; when You Figure Out Love is All That Matters After All, It Sure Makes Everything Else Seem So Small

There are so many clichés about ‘Love,’ and maybe you’re thinking, “What’s love got to do with anything when I’ve been dream-hunting for what seems like a lifetime.” If this sounds like you right now, then take a few minutes and enjoy the message in Ms. Underwood’s moving song.

Sometimes, the clichés in life are closest to the truth.

(Lyrics) When You’re Sitting ‘Round Thinking of What You Can’t Change and Worrying About All the Wrong Things…Times Movin’ Fast…

Do you let your thoughts run away with you? Most of us say, no, we don’t, and maybe that’s true, but I’ll venture a guess that we don’t because we’ve practiced controlling our thoughts. It may sound odd that some people actively practice better thinking, but they do. I do. I have to; it’s the only way to meet my challenges head-on.

Have you ever worked on re-directing your anxious energy? When we’re in the midst of significant life issues, sometimes we need a hand up to do it, and that’s where love comes into play. It’s the love of another and their hand that matters. As the lyrics in this song say, ‘sometimes that mountain is just a grain of sand’ – and that hand up erases everything and ‘makes everything else seem so small.’

Our lives can never be perfect, and how we make each other feel … love is the ultimate notch in our headstone.

(Lyrics) It’s So Easy to Get Lost Inside a Problem that Seems so Big at the Time…

As the song says, ‘Don’t run out on your faith.’ Whatever your faith is, grab a hold of it and keep it close. If you’re screaming into your pillow all the things you can’t change, and if you’ve fallen into the pit of despair, Ms. Underwood’s tune reminds us that ‘love IS what matters after all.’ If you feel you’re not getting love, go give some.

Have you ever reminded your kids that it’s the giving of love that makes them special, not the getting? It’s hard for us moms to get our children, grown or little, to understand this. Personally speaking, my boys hear me say this a lot, and of course, I get the ‘eye rolls’ and the ‘ok mawms’ almost every time. However, someone gave me some advice about life and parenting well over 13 years ago that I’ve always kept close: She said, ‘Keep talking, Barb, they’re listening, and one day they’ll get it.’ Great advice, especially when we feel we’re talking into a void.

Sometimes, it’s hard to live life with hope. But only hope and love take us out of our pain. Nothing else. The only words that can get us through that dark tunnel are those that inspire, heal, and impact another soul for the power of good. Nothing else matters. It really is that simple. It isn’t complicated; we human beings complicate our lives.

As the song says, ‘what you’ve been searching for forever is in your hands.’ This world needs a lot of love and a great deal of tenderness. If what you’ve been searching for feels as though it’s out of your reach, ‘So Small’ reminds us that we are the ones who place mountains in our own way. It’s the love we give that’s measured and matters.

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  1. “It’s how we make each other feel.” So true, Barbara.

    Yes, there are times I feel intense despair, knowing my grandchildren and their children must grow up in a world heating up so fast that the very basics of life–water and food–will be challenges for them as they age.

    That despair nearly cripples me at times, but then I noodle around and find individuals, then hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of people, each working in their own way, to slow the progress of severe climate change. Perhaps enough of us will do enough in time to mitigate those changes before we all live in a far less beautiful and hospitable world.

    Such people give me hope. Some of them are artists, providing beauty and reminding us, as Miss Underwood does, that love is the surest answer of them all.

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness, for your reminders to look at what’s most important, and for using your talents to help us all find ways to cope with whatever life may be throwing at us.

    Your blog is ever a place of respite and recharge.

  2. Kathryn, I always appreciate your contributions and especially appreciate what you have to say. I understand only too well as you do the worry of the world to come for our children and grandchildren, and I hold tightly onto hope, the hope of good people trying to make a difference, one by one, bit by bit. I’ve always believed there are a lot more good people wanting to do the right thing in this world than there are the other sort. Thanks again for such an articulate and thoughtful comment.

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