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Sweet Things to Say to a Girlfriend

Filed in Sayings - Original by Drageda, What to Write on Card by on February 14, 2019 4 Comments • views: 7500

Sweet Sayings For Your Girlfriend – The Sequel

Here’s the first installment of Sweet Things You Can Say to Her, and Wait…Here’s the Second Installment of More Sweetness You Can Say!
When I'm With You MousepadWhen I’m With You Mousepad
What do Twitter, Sayings, Lyrics and Quotes have in common? They’re all short and sweet ways to either say what we have to say, or read what we want to read.

Now-a-days most people have the attention span of a fly (and it’s not our fault..not really!) We have so much information coming at us that we have to sort through it all quickly in order to move onto the next short and sweet item on our list.

Even love has found a way to be delivered in short and sweet ways …mostly by text and twitter.

Being the sort of person who likes to write poems, lyrics and quotes, quickly being able to put together ‘sweet sayings’ is one of my odd-ball talents. Here’s the Home Page of personally written original Sayings for Cards.

So let’s get started with some ‘sweet things you can say to your girlfriend’ – Since this is my second and third installment of sayings on this topic, they come even faster! Like I said, these crazy one-liners just pour out of my head.

Sarcastically Sweet Things to Say to a Girlfriend – Be Careful!

Sarcasm is always a perfect place to start in my opinion! Maybe you’re the type where sarcastic comments just rip their way off your tongue? If that’s the case, then here are few ways to feed your need!

  1. Do not panic my lady, I’ll love you even if you scratch my car – [Tweet this]

  2. Remember that text I sent you about scratching my car, I can’t sleep since I sent it – [Tweet this]

  3. So here’s my replacement for that car scratching text! I’ll love you even if you scratch your own car [Tweet this]

  4. Re that love text about your car, please don’t scratch your car, I’ll love you more if  you scratch the neighbors car. There. That’s  how much I love you.

  5. You are the sun that shines in the morning, and the lightening bolt that shocks the hell out of people, that’s why I love you! [Tweet this]

  6. I love you tons when you don’t say a word [Tweet this]

  7. This world is filled with multiple personality types, I was lucky enough to find one woman with all of them [Tweet this]

  8. All my friends can’t believe I scored a hot babe like you, I told them you’re only a rental [Tweet this]

  9. In a lonely world there’s always you…and the sports channel, but yah, you [Tweet this]

  10. Sometimes when my heart hurts, I remember you’re the one that broke it and in a twisted way it turns me on [Tweet this]

  11. I don’t really have magical powers, just thought you should know you’re not dating a wizard [Tweet this]

  12. I love you for a million crazy reasons, mainly because I’m easy [Tweet this]

  13. You can have everything I own … in my top drawer [Tweet this]

  14. What’s mine is yours, I’ve cried over that, but I’m over it now [Tweet this]

  15. Sometimes the world is difficult and I can’t find my way, then I realize your sense of direction is worse! We fit. [Tweet this]

Really Sappy Things You Can Say to Your Lady

Some people call this ‘guy’ hen-pecked. He’s not hen pecked, he’s merely completely secure with who he is, or he’s trying to get some? Doesn’t matter, it’s the thoughtful words that text. Hey, better to get a text than not so much as a ‘how’dya’do!’

  1. I love you so much that it scares me to be away from you, don’t leave [Tweet this]

  2. When I read stories about love, I always thought love was fiction, until you [Tweet this]

  3. We could spend 10 lifetimes together and that would never satisfy me [Tweet this]

  4. At the end of the day, it’s you I need most, without you there’s no point to any of this [Tweet this]

  5. I can handle everything life tosses at me, so long as you’re in my arms [Tweet this]

  6. Grown men don’t cry, until they fall in love with  you and I want to be the last man who sheds that tear [Tweet this]

  7. If you didn’t live in this lifetime when I live, I would have stayed on the other side with you [Tweet this]

  8. Since you’ve been in my life, I feel a sense of purpose [Tweet this]

  9. Because you were born, I breathe easier [Tweet this]

  10. We found each other when finding each other seemed impossible, we are two lucky grains of sand [Tweet this]

  11. In a strange way, I’ve always loved you, I just had to find you [Tweet this]

  12. I knew we were meant to be together when I couldn’t focus on anything or anyone except you [Tweet this]

  13. You are consuming my thoughts, thank you [Tweet this]

  14. Not once, not twice but three times – that’s how many times I want to kiss you in an minute [Tweet this]

  15. I cannot risk losing you so I’m giving you my soul to keep [Tweet this]

  16. I can sleep so much better since I met you, I guess we were suppose to happen [Tweet this]

  17. My friends say I never see them since I met you, and they don’t blame me one bit [Tweet this]

  18. You are the girl everyone wanted, and I pinch myself thinking you’re mine [Tweet this]

  19. I’m a warmer person since I met you, and it’s because you show me what it means to be genuine person [Tweet this]

  20. Truth is, I’ve only ever loved you, all the rest were practice runs [Tweet this]

  21. When I’m completely exhausted and think I can’t go on, you take my hand and it reminds me that you’re my reason [Tweet this]

How about Cute and Funny Sweetness for Her?

  1. Cuddle, cuddle, wink, wink, come close to me and hold my …hand [Tweet this]

  2. You’re the sunshine in my eyes, the happy in heart, and when you walk away that’s when I get to ‘_art’. [Tweet this]

  3. So, if we were the last 2 people on earth, I would never be bored, but my soccer team would suck. [Tweet this]

  4. In the event of an emergency, pull my heart string, I’m willing to sacrifice myself for you. [Tweet this]

  5. You can make me laugh like nobody else can and I’m proud to say, nobody makes me laugh, ever. [Tweet this]

  6. What is it about you that I love so much – we both know the answer to that; go cover those up [Tweet this]

  7. When you’re lonely think of me, and I’ll think of you – then we can both go to confession. [Tweet this]

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  1. Mary Beth Granger says:

    Love this article. Great sayings!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I loved all of these quotes! I laughed at the sarcastic remarks, but I think I still prefer the sappy. Must be my old age showing there.

  3. Aww, those sappy comments were really sweet :).

  4. I’ll take sappy any day of the week! bring on the sappy 🙂 lol

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