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100 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

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Woo her with words – Say sweet things to her in a card. Find just the right words to write in a special note or card for her, or text it to her.

The Girlfriend Whisperer – Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

  1. Your beautiful heart is why I love you
  2. Life could never work without you
  3. Let’s take long walks together..for the rest of our life
  4. Your sense of humor is sexy
  5. I love being your guy
  6. I’ll earn your love
  7. You can depend on me to be there for you
  8. You can trust me; I’ll show you in my actions
  9. You come first
  10. My arms are here to catch you if you fall
  11. I’ll protect you, count on it
  12. You do so many little things for me, thank you
  13. It’s what you do for others that moves me most
  14. You are very generous and kind to others
  15. I spend time just thinking about you
  16. In this world, there’s just you and me
  17. You are the reason I’m at peace right now

  18. One hour with you and I’m healed
  19. I cleaned the house for you today
  20. I did the laundry and made you dinner
  21. I love you more than hockey
  22. I love you more than football
  23. I love you more than basketball
  24. I planned everything for a surprise holiday
  25. I love you enough to do the right things in life
  26. You make me want to be a better cook
  27. I don’t just love you; I want to be your friend too
  28. What you see in me, moves me
  29. You give me strength when the world is too hard to lift
  30. Your heart lifts me to places I’ve never been
  31. Sweet everything, that’s what I want to give you
  32. Saying I love you is easy when it’s for you
  33. Your sweet, sassy ways are hot
  34. You’re the bravest person I know
  35. Your strength is beyond words
  36. Let me help you; you deserve it
  37. What can I do to make your day better
  38. I’ll hold you all night, don’t worry
  39. Rest your sweet head on my shoulder
  40. Come over I need you
  41. I’m empty without you
  42. You are the reason I work so hard
  43. Dreams are made of you and me
  44. Together we work
  45. We make sense together
  46. I admire your courage and love you for it
  47. Tonight baby, it’s a chick flick!
  48. Here’s the remote, you pick, and we’ll watch together
  49. You are the best person I know
  50. I want you to meet my family
  51. Wow, I’m so lucky to be loved by you
  52. Baby, let’s stay together
  53. You’re soft, and I love that about you
  54. Perfect heart, perfect mind, perfect match
  55. I’m late finding you, but I’m so glad it finally happened
  56. You have very kind eyes; I love that about you
  57. I just called to say you’re awesome
  58. You have sexy feet
  59. Your hair looked terrific last night
  60. Talk to me; I love your hot voice
  61. I’m a puddle when you’re in the room
  62. When you enter the room all eyes tilt your way
  63. Have you ever seen happy, I have, it’s you
  64. I can’t focus on anything because you’re on my mind
  65. Lips to lips, arms in arms, that’s where I want to be with you
  66. How about we spend the night kissing
  67. I’m barely hanging on; I miss you so much
  68. If you knew what you meant to me, you’d smile right now
  69. Stay with me forever, you’re amazing
  70. Let’s build a life together
  71. My future involves you
  72. When I woke up this morning my heart was racing thinking about you
  73. You have such a calming nature; I love that about you
  74. You are seriously smart; I’m so lucky
  75. You’re intelligent and beautiful, and best of all kind, wow
  76. I didn’t have to go a lifetime to find you, and I’m so grateful for that
  77. We must have known each other in another life because it feels right with you
  78. We are so connected that it scares me, in the right way
  79. I’m jumping in with both feet and telling the world I love you
  80. If there were a couch in my office, I’d jump on it screaming I love you
  81. Let’s travel the world together
  82. How do you make me love you more every day
  83. I notice the cute little things you do for me
  84. I want to take it to the next level – put your girl products in my washroom
  85. This feeling of being in Love is magical
  86. I can do anything when you’re with me
  87. The way you support me is amazing
  88. Thank you for doing so much for me
  89. I feel like I have the best-kept secret, you!
  90. You and I are connected beyond this universe
  91. I can’t imagine this world without you
  92. Love brings me home to you every day
  93. Hugging you makes me happy
  94. Hugs, kisses, and love, three beautiful things about you
  95. You are an amazing mom
  96. I didn’t know how empty life was, ’til you filled it up for me
  97. Our love is a treasure few ever experience
  98. Infinitely and me
  99. You’ve put the sunshine back in my life
  100. I have never looked forward to anything, more than I look forward to being with you

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