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Sweet Things to Say to a Friend

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Here are 100 Sweet Things to Say to a Friend – send them by text, put it on Facebook or Tweet out.  Better yet tell them face to face! A true friend is a friend ’til the end.

The Friend Whisperer

  1. You mean more to me than just about anyone in my life
  2. You understand me in ways that other people never will
  3. The things you know about me should scare me!
  4. Don’t worry, I’m holding you responsible for my happiness, thank you!
  5. Distance doesn’t matter between us, it’s amazing
  6. Beyond this world and into the next that’s how long I’ll know you
  7. Years go by and we pick right up where we left off
  8. I respect your opinion and trust your judgement
  9. When I need a moment of peace I think of you
  10. You’re the gift I give to myself
  11. Our friendship can’t be measured, it’s endless
  12. You comfort me like nobody else is able to do
  13. I love the way you just listen
  14. As a friend you totally understand what I need
  15. Your shoulders are pretty big, they keep catching me
  16. When I fall you’re right there to help me up
  17. When my life is falling apart, you’re always there to help
  18. How come you’re so awesome?
  19. You are such a fun person to be around
  20. No wonder everyone likes you, you’re an amazing person
  21. I admire your fortitude, it’s awe inspiring
  22. If I could dream my life away, you would live in my dreams
  23. Time has no limits, just like the measurement of our friendship
  24. If people really understood all you did like I do, the world would call you friend
  25. You can comfort someone just by being in the same room!
  26. You don’t even have to speak, I understand how you think
  27. Count on me, I’ll always be here for you
  28. When I couldn’t go on you continued on for me; how blessed am I
  29. You make people feel happy and safe
  30. Your gift is your ability to heal hearts that are hurting
  31. When I turn to you, you’re always right there
  32. Without you my heart would be empty
  33. I smile when I think of you
  34. Sowing the seeds of hope, that’s how we roll
  35. We’re always on the same page, I love that about us!
  36. Just sitting together drinking tea, those are the best days
  37. We don’t have to do anything, we can just be
  38. You’re my secret garden
  39. My innermost joys and turmoils, only you really know them
  40. I wish we had met sooner, but I’m sure glad we finally met
  41. You like what I like and that’s rare!
  42. When I need a place to curl up and rest, I think of your place
  43. You seriously relax me
  44. Doing absolutely nothing with you is sometimes the best times
  45. When I think of what we’ve shared in this life, I know I’ve been blessed
  46. In this life, we’ve had each other, and I’m so grateful
  47. Together we can conquer the world
  48. I’ve never had to forgive you for anything, how amazing is that!
  49. We’re not perfect, but we’re damn close
  50. Sometimes I just need you there
  51. I’m your pal forever
  52. It’s not how long we’ve been friends it’s how deep our friendship is
  53. I’m always my better self around you
  54. You bring out the best in me and many others
  55. In a world of uncertainty, there you are, a rock
  56. Storms swirl around you and you stand strong, I’m in awe
  57. You’re humor gets me through
  58. It’s only because of you that I’ve made it this far in my life
  59. With our heads leaning into each other, I rest, I smile
  60. Sun, fun and run ..let’s do all these together
  61. Your inside beauty is like your inside voice, quiet, respectful and awesome
  62. How did I score so big by getting you as a friend
  63. Best friends, best buds, best ever
  64. Being your friend has made me the best person I can be
  65. Sometimes I wonder what I did right to get you as my friend
  66. We’ve traveled through time together, I’ve known you forever
  67. I love making everyone jealous by telling them we’re best friends
  68. From childhood to senior citizens, that’s a real friendship
  69. A hand full of people on this planet make me feel right, and you’re one of them
  70. Let’s be friends, sweet forever friends
  71. Best friends understand each other in a cosmic way
  72. We get what we settled with; I’m glad I settled for you
  73. Deep within my soul rests your soul
  74. We are buddies and that rocks!
  75. A close friend never judges, only listens and hugs a lot
  76. When this world is pulling people apart, we’re staying together
  77. I can tell you this…nobody measures up to you
  78. In a world of lonely, I have you
  79. You inspire me to be the best version of myself
  80. You are an inspiration to our whole family
  81. Friendship is all about loyalty, and you have that mastered
  82. We both see the cup as half full, that’s why I love you
  83. You’re positive attitude has lifted me up, thank you
  84. When I pass to the next life, I’ll wait for you
  85. Let’s do the Amazing Race together!
  86. Whether it’s smiles, tears or fears; we’ll survive it all
  87. We have survived marriage, children and changes – We get an A+ grade
  88. When you don’t know the answers, you say so, I love that about you
  89. The gifts you give me cannot ever be measured
  90. You are my present
  91. Forget about tomorrow, let’s enjoy the day as good friends should
  92. Sweetness is your middle name; what a friend you’ve been
  93. If I could say just one thing to you; I would say “I love you my friend”
  94. Things I love: Summertime tea, toes in the sand, glass of wine in hand,and you
  95. In 100 Years, I guarantee we’ll still be friends
  96. I just want to snuggle up with my buddy tonight and watch movies
  97. If I was allowed only ten hugs, you would make the list
  98. You are extremely special, I hope you always understand that
  99. My heart is filled when we spend time together
  100. A friend is a friend ’til the end
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