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Tag: Carolyn Dawn Johnson

An Empathetic Country Song About Life Passing You By

An Empathetic Country Song that Speaks about How Life Hasn’t Turned out the Way You Planned Stop for Me, by Carolyn Dawn Johnson – ‘I Always Thought This Train Would Stop for Me’ (Lyrics) – A country song about life passing you by You had big plans for your life, you were so determined, and […]


A Song About Reaching Someone Who Needs Help

A great song choice featuring words that speak to a loving effort to help someone who really needs to be helped. You’re trying to reach them, but they’re not letting you in, or perhaps they can’t let you in. A beautiful song with emotional lyrics.


A Country Song about Time Going By Fast and Remembering that Life Isn’t a Dress Rehearsal

Maybe I Should Slow Down, Take a Breath, Realize, Time is Irreversible – lyrics to a beautiful country song about time going by fast by Carolyn Dawn Johnson


Country Song about Complicated Love – You’ve Fallen in Love with a Friend, Now What?

A country song about complicated love; when a friend falls for a friend, what does one do?