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Country Song About the Next Chapter of Life – My Next Thirty Years

This country song about the next chapter of life is perfect for those who are planning to close one door and open another, ‘My Next Thirty Years’, by Tim McGraw


A Meaningful Message in a Country Song from Son to Father

Incredible song by this former NHL Draft Pick turned Award Winning Country Music Star. A country song from son to father’, Leave Here Dying Young’ by Chad Brownlee,


Country Song about Doing What She Likes – Good Intentions turn Hot

You’ll get a laugh watching the video Doing What She Likes by Blake Shelton as well as a musical treat! Great music, words and lyrics! Fun!


Country Songs about Grandparents

Featured here are a list of powerful and extremely moving country songs about grandparents and aging. Find the right song with the right words for your family.


You Should Be Here – A Country Song for Our Loved Ones Who Watch from Heaven

Cole Swindell Hits a Homerun of the Heart with His Latest Release ‘You Should Be Here’ It does the one thing a true hit song should do; it sneaks up on you and tells your life story unwittingly. The music matters, but, as always, the words seal the deal. Sitting in my kitchen this morning, […]


An Incredibly Moving Song About an Absentee Father

Filed in For Dads, For Moms, Keith Urban by on April 19, 2022 5 Comments • views: 6990

Kelly Clarkson’s emotional delivery of her song about an absentee father reduces Keith Urban to tears along with the viewing audience…


Country Song about a Relationship Not Working – Has She Become the Enemy

Where Would You Be by Martina McBride is a moving country song about a relationship not working, she’s asking him, ‘where would you be without me’.