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Tag: Moms Messages

Message for a Daughter – Inspired by Song

Country song, In My Daughter’s Eyes by the talented Martina McBride is the inspiration for A Message for a Daughter, written by the mom of 4 sons.


Country Song about Your Last Name – Respecting Those Who Came Before You & Yet to Come

A country song about your last name and honoring those who came before you in your family tree. It talks about treating your name with the dignity it deserves.


OOPS! I Forgot to Pee – A Day in the Life of a Busy Mom

Filed in Busy Life Poems, Life Poems, Love Poetry, Mom Poetry by on July 12, 2018 10 Comments • views: 5333

Mom’s will relate to this harry schedule depicted in this poem! A day can pretty much unfold like this…make that everyday


A Country Song About Respect – What Being True To Yourself Really Means

A country song about respect combined with ‘Moms Message’ about what being true to yourself does and doesn’t mean.