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Poem About Inner Peace – Take Me To Your Beautiful Place

Poem about Our True Self, Our Secret Place: When you first read it, it sounds as though it’s speaking about passing to the next life.


Someday you’ll take me to your beautiful

And show me all the colors there,

Someday you’ll take me to your plentiful

And show me time I’ve always had to spare,

Someday you’ll take me to your peacefulness

And show me joy in quiet care,

I need to feel your spiritual

Where we’ll climb upon your knowledge stair,

Lead me to your wonderful

And show me how to dance without a single care,

Fly me to your glory

Where music plays itself in air,

Sing to me collective passions

The choir freed from all despair,

Let me live my life in comprehensiveness

Happiness my gift from prayer,

Shine a light within my beautiful

And show me every color there

©By Barbara Tremblay Cipak,

This poem is about the place in ourselves, in our spirit, that is untouchable. Through all the stress, pain, confusion, and struggles life presents, there is, inside of us, a place, our secret place, that cannot be taken or owned by anyone but ourselves.

Personally, I can tap into this inner sanctuary and hope others find a way to know that which is only theirs. This is a place where other people’s issues can’t piggyback onto you. Visualize it as an inner light swirling in the middle of your tummy. It’s you. It’s the real “you.” The untouched you. The “you” despite the imprint the world has made on your character. The you that is—your own personal connection to heaven.

This poem is a reminder not to let life consume you. The true you is the inner connection to our universal home. So stand strong in your day-to-day struggles and know that in you is a place that is only yours, and you are always and forever safe there.

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