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Popular Taylor Swift Merchandise

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People Haven’t Always Been There For Me, But Music Has, by Taylor Swift – Find Numerous Taylor Products Here

This beautiful oil painting of Taylor Swift is one example of some unique as well as fun and popular Taylor Merchandise you’ll find here.

There is no debating this young lady’s incredible success. Rolling Stone dubbed her ‘a true arena-rock goddess’. At 23 years old she’s one of the top five digital selling music artists, and for those who like numbers, to date she’s had 75 million downloads of her songs! …and here’s another crazy success number for you….her two most recent album releases are two of only eighteen albums ever in the history of music to sell 1 million copies in a one week period!

So it’s safe to say, ‘anything Taylor’ is in demand. The collection of items you’ll find below are selected based on popularity and originality. She has so much merchandise that it would be impossible to put it all on one page! The perfume is particularly pretty as is the necklace, blanket and Christmas Ornament.

…ok, it’s just The Red Tour Tapestry Throw…but it was a bit poetic!

This throw is designed like her ‘Red’ Album Cover. It’s not only a decorative gift idea, it’s also a practical choice. It can be used anywhere; in the car, on the couch, in a bedroom, taken to a sleepover or even taken to a concert on colder weather days. It’s durable, made of 100 percent polyester and it’s also a good size, measuring 48″ by 60″.

The Red Tour is Swift’s third world tour. The tour started in 2013 and runs into 2014; it’s been a massive global success. In fact in Sydney, Australia she was the first female performer in history to sell out the Allianz Stadium since it was built in 1988.

The 4th leg of her tour begins in June of 2014 in Asia. Schedules include Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, & Singapore. The 3rd leg was completed in February 2014 in Europe. Previous legs of the tour were in in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Taylor Swift Fearless ThrowTaylor Swift Fearless ThrowTaylor Swift Tapestry Woven ThrowTaylor Swift Tapestry Woven Throw

During the Holidays a Small Thoughtful Gift is Often a Special Christmas Ornament

This could easily be a gift for a family member. It’s not really expensive and could make the perfect stocking stuffer. Growing up, my mother had a tradition, and still to this day, of giving me a Christmas Ornament. I treasure the ornaments I’ve collected for over 30 years. In fact those 30 or so ornaments mean a great deal to me. If a young person in your family is a Taylor fan, even as she grows older, and her musical tastes change, she may look back at this ornament with wonderful reflection as I do mine.

It’s also affordable as a choice gift for the child of the hostess of a seasonal party you may be attending. It’s different enough that she may not already have one!

Carlton Heirloom Magic Ornament 2013 Taylor Swift - Guitar - #CXOR049DCarlton Heirloom Magic Ornament 2013 Taylor Swift – Guitar – #CXOR049DTaylor Swift RED BALL ORNAMENTTaylor Swift RED BALL ORNAMENT

Hey There’s More Taylor Swift Merchandise

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