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The Poets Dance – A Poem about How Life Inspires the Writer to Paint Pictures in Words

The Poets Dance

I listen to your words
I listen to your poems
I listen carefully
for in the words
I know you
You have unwittingly cast me
as the lead in your stories
Through you I know myself
Each of us so unique
Yet identical in our urge to paint portraits
of our deepest dreams
failed choices
and humble successes
You touch me with your need to sing out
your spirits mission to this world
Together we deliver the unsung songs
Gathering as one voice
Expecting nothing
We are blessed to unite in our message to humanity
that in each of us is dance
a glorious dance
I’m never alone for in your words
I embrace your Holy Spirit
and I dance the Poets Dance with You

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Poem for Poets:  I penned this one to paper in my thirties (the 1990s). Often times when we see ourselves in a poem, as though the poet has had a peek into our lives. This poem is dedicated to the poet who tells his or her story and unwittingly casts us in it.

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