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21 Things to Write in a Card for a New Job

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So someone you know is starting a new job? You want to give them a card, but you would like to write something special inside, something that’s not typical, standard or boring.

I can’t guarantee you’ll find Man’s Gift to Words here, but I can ensure you’ll find something you can morph into the words you want to say.

Go ahead, write these words in a card, or change them slightly to fit the lucky soul with the new job.

21 Things to Write in a Card for a New Job

  1. So you think you’re better than us because you have a new job? Well, keep thinking that because it’s true!
  2. Our family is like a Meerkat Family, we stick together and cheer each other on – Congratulations on your new job; send your cheques home 🙂
  3. We bow to your greatness. Congratulations on your new job promotion (tell me when I can get up, my knees hurt)
  4. You are such an inspiration! How do you do it!! Every time I turn around, you’re getting promoted! I bought a box of 25 job congratulation cards with your name on them and am ready when the next promotion comes. Did I say congratulations?
  5. What’s your secret? How do you do it, a new job again! Your talent is costing me a fortune in cards. But I’m so proud of you, congratulations
  6. A new job is like a new relationship when the novelty wears off; you have to remember why you took the plunge in the first place
  7. You make our family look perfect! Congratulations on your new job.
  8. Everyone is proud of you; well, not everyone, the ones who are jealous didn’t sign this card
  9. Make your mark in this world; become the President of the Company, then hire all of your family (just a one way to make a mark, right?)
  10. You have got to be kidding me! They could have hired ANYONE, and they hired you??? Smart company – I’m buying their stock now.
  11. Knowing this company has you on its side makes me believe in humanity once again – Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, I now believe there’s a light at the end of that very long tunnel (the one I’m still in!) Congratulations, you give me hope.
  12. You are officially employed. I hope you’re happy now! Cause we are. Congratulations
  13. If I had a choice between you getting a new job and me getting a new job, I’d say, give it to you first. Don’t get excited,; I’m just trying to score some Brownie Points with the almighty. Congratulations!
  14. I remember my first job, and now that you’ve secured your first job, I can give you this tip…the first is never the best when it comes to jobs anyway, but part of me thinks you’ll be the exception and turn this first into a lifetime of achievements! It’s how you roll. Congratulations to a very deserving soul.
  15. A new job is like a new pair of shoes; you have to stretch them in, walk in them for a while, and shine them up..otherwise, they’ll no longer look suitable and fit! So be sure to expand your skull in this new venture; it will keep you moving forward, just like those shoes do. Congratulations to you.
  16. Enjoy this time in your life, a new job is an exciting venture filled with nothing, but endless possibilities (I had to write that, I’m trying to be inspirational) Knock ’em dead!
  17. So, you’ve secured a new job, that’s amazing considering none of us can find one! But now that you’re working, we know where to go to borrow money. Just kidding, of course, just wanted to give you one more panicked look before you kissed panic goodbye 🙂 Congratulations, we’re so happy for you!
  18. A new job is a huge accomplishment, and we’re more than proud of you! We plan to brag about you like crazy people (thought that would make you smile) Congratulations
  19. In an ever-changing world, there you are proving the concept with another new job! Glad you’re the one constant in this department – All the best to you!
  20. Don’t worry, be happy – it looks like that advice worked! Glad we could help 🙂 Congratulations to you
  21. You are probably one of the most deserving people we know. We’re so happy good fortune found you. Congratulations

In case that wasn’t enough, here’s a sarcastic poem about job hunting…for those still looking!

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