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25 Things to Write in A Card for a New Home

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When your friends or family move into a new home, it’s undoubtedly a special time, especially if that home is the first purchase. For the majority of people, the most significant single investment ever made is to purchase a home. Whether your loved ones are buying or renting, you’ll want to write something thoughtful in their congratulations card. Here’s a suggested list of some of the things you can say:

Things to Write in A Card for A New Home

  1. What was once a house is now home; a place for you to grow together
  2. Making a house a home has everything to do with loving each other and very little to do with ‘paint.’
  3. Never put up wallpaper together, never organize cupboards together, but do make the bed together; the first two will never get done without a fight, and the last one will never get done either, but it won’t be because of a battle.
  4. This mortgage you now have is your further commitment to each other; now, you have to make it work!
  5. Whenever a couple argues, apparently he goes to the garage, and she goes to the bedroom – Most women think that’s a good deal, but maybe not…he’s closer to the door!
  6. A house was built, and now lives will be built; that’s how homes are made
  7. First came love, then came marriage, then came the house; you know what happens next, right? Get right on that; we’re all waiting
  8. The secret to having a happy home is to always kiss each other hello and goodbye. All the happiness building happens at the front door
  9. Don’t struggle, don’t panic, and don’t forget the first of the month doesn’t have to be that stressful – drink on the first
  10. If you know you’re way around a bedroom; you’re set; think of each room in the home as a bedroom
  11. I’m not sure what came first, the chicken or the egg, but one thing is for sure, you guys are neither! Congratulations on taking such a brave leap into homeownership
  12. When you walk into the front door of your home, remember, everything you love is there; each other
  13. Don’t let possessions take priority, and you are destined to be forever happy
  14. The first thing you need to do is type your home address into your GPS (just in case!)
  15. A new home is like a new car; only guys say that; a new car doesn’t even come close to a new home!! Your car depreciated as soon as you drove it off the lot; on the other hand, your house increased in price before you even closed the deal! Smart choice to get a house
  16. Build roots, but never get too attached to a structure; it’s the love between you that makes your house a home; always hold onto that thought.
  17. If you ever get lost, now you can always go home.
  18. Love each other deeply; it’s the only guarantee you’ll have; everything else is merely stuff you collect – make your house a home with hugs and kisses.
  19. As you grow old together, you’ll realize that the four walls you raised your family in had nothing to do with what defined their character or your love – you each hold the key to the biggest home there is – home in the heart.
  20. Whenever you get confused about what matters most, look at each other and remember it’s not the house or the car, it will always and forever be each other.
  21. Build a life that makes the walls of your home smile every day
  22. Positive energy is a living thing, be sure the walls in your home are living the dream as well; after all, they talk
  23. Clear out the old bring in the new strictly applies to stuff!
  24. Your heart is where love lives; your home is where you live, so remember, no house is ever without a soul where there is love.
  25. Congratulations on your new home – you’ll have ups and downs, but I’m praying they’re all in bed!
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