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Time’s Gift – Poem about Time Passing By

Time’s Gift

Time heals
Promising closure
Shrinking scars like popping bubbles
As it prepares our gift
Times benefaction is objectivity to our past
Building an awareness of yesteryears
Defogging our vision for truth
Generously donating our package of clarity

Time lies only to those
who misuse its precious moments,
Lines entrenched on our face
can devour redeemable blemishes
By gracefully accepting our package
healing eyes can widen to witness dissipating mist

Time promises blessed tomorrows
Let us put away our spinning wheels
plunge forward with our lesson
accept our bequest from Time, and yes!
We will have morning smiles

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

Poem about Time Passing: This poem has quite a history. In 1977, at 17 years old, on my way by train to visit a friend, I wrote a poem called “Time Heals All Wounds.”

There wasn’t anything negative in my life at that moment; I remember reflecting on how time was passing by and how things kept changing. Can you imagine I felt that way at 17? What?

Talk about time going by! Twenty years later, in1997, after re-reading the poem, I felt compelled to modify it. Life, as it does, schooled me further.

Here’s what those 20 years compelled me to include in the re-write:

Of course, everything changes as time goes by, but more importantly, it’s life’s lessons that we absorb from time, or in some cases, don’t absorb, that matter. If we’re unwilling to learn from our mistakes, we recycle and repeat until that lesson is pounded into our thick skulls.

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