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Tolerance – Being the Best We Can Be by Understanding the Plight of Others

Filed in Tolerance, Virtue Poems & Lyrics by on April 18, 2022 2 Comments • views: 5067


Hold my hand
then judge me
Or better
Feel my sameness,
Look me in the eye
then tell me I don’t matter
Or better
See I am you,
Sit at my dinner table
Sharing food and conversation
then tell me I’m not worthy
Or better
Understand my hunger is like yours,
Take a walk with me
then hate where I live
Or better
Understand my plight,
Watch my children play
and tell me they are expendable
Or better
Love them as your own,
As I hold your hand
Look in your eyes
Eat at your table
Walk with you
Understand your plight
And watch your children play,
I know I want to be better too

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

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  1. BK says:

    This is a beautiful poem Barbara. I, too, want to be better.

  2. Drageda says:

    Thanks Bonnie, much appreciated

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