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Trouble is You Think You Have Time, by Dean Brody

Here’s a Song Guaranteed to Hit You Between the Eyes

We’re all guilty of ‘wasting time,’ precious time and the reflective lyrics of ‘Time’ by Dean Brody remind us to rethink how we share those moments with our friends and family.

In today’s world of massive distraction (the ‘WMDs’ that genuinely affect our daily lives), we forget that time evaporates from moment to moment and that erosion is constant and never-ending. Along with ‘change,’ ‘time’ is the one thing that marches on whether we like it or not.

The Chorus of Time by Dean Brody says it well – Yes, the trouble is you think you have time:

“The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrows always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time”

The verse that personally hits me between the eyes is about grandpa spending his time with his granddaughter as she spends those moments staring at her Facebook page’. For me, it was with my Dad. I don’t have regrets because just being together in our family room was enough.

My Dad passed in 2013, and so far is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through (still is). Mom and Dad (just mom now) live about 3.5 hours from me, and my visits were always three or four days or one to two-week stretches.

Our time together would include many days of Dad sitting in his chair and me on the couch with my Laptop, usually working. Dad would often peak up, look at me, smile, and say, ‘I love you, Barb; I’m glad you’re here.’ From the bottom of my heart and depth of what is real in this life, I can safely say that missing this man was the most painful and joyful experience of my life. Dad, I love you and will love you until the end of time, and time never ends. Your heart is my heart; my heart is your heart.

You may be wondering why I say ‘joyful‘ in regards to missing Dad – it’s because how lucky was I to have this man, his soul, as my father! Honestly, I consider myself so blessed to be this loved. His love for all of us was unconditional and profound.

Dad passed the “WWJD” test (‘what would Jesus do’) with flying colors, and I know the gates of heaven busted wide open when he arrived.

I picture him at those gates saying, “I can’t go yet; I need to make sure they’ll be ok…I have to tell them just how much I love them one more time.

It makes me cry to type this because you would understand if you knew my Dad. I’ll bet his Angel-Guides had to say something like, ‘it’s ok, they know Buster, they truly know, you loved fully and completely, and you passed that test with flying colors, and the love they pass along is born from you.’

Then Dad smiles, grills that poor Angel-Guide one more time and says, ‘so let me get this straight, I’ll still be able to be by their side even if I go with you?‘ and with a nod of assurance from that pooped-out Angel, he reluctantly moves on, yet remains.

My gift, in return, is to love my children, his grandchildren, as profoundly as he loved me. This love for all of my children is unconditional and never-ending as it was for me.

Love was his gift to me, love is my gift to them, and I know love will be their gift to their children. It’s quite a legacy he stamped in time.

So the verse below is the one that caused me to turn up the radio and pay attention to the song’s message. Perhaps another verse hits home for you? Be sure to listen to the song featured in the video above; it’s very moving.

“Shotgun shells and a tackle box
On the floorboard of a truck
Morning sun burning fog off a lake
Teenage girl and her Grandad
He takes her fishing but he feels bad
She can’t take her eyes off that ‘Ole Facebook page
But someday soon, who knows how long
She’ll look up from that phone and he’ll be gone

Time has always been an ‘interest’ of mine. When I was 17 years old, I wrote this poem about it, and at 37, modified it – now 20 years from that point, the poem still stands as a memory marker along with the advanced understanding of what I believe to be is the ‘secret to life.’ It’s as if I’ve always understood how precious our life is without having to grow old.

Live life – trouble is you think you have time. Blessings.

About Dean Brody, Canadian Country Music Artist

Dean Brody, born in British Columbia, Canada, is a very successful Canadian Country Music Artist who to date (January 2017), since 2009 has been nominated for approximately 44 Juno Awards and won 11 of them, with his most recent being the 2016 Country Album of the Year, for his album ‘Gypsy.’

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