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Which Country Song Fits You Best Today?

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Let Lady Luck Decide Which Country Song is Best For You Today

You’re a gambler! Nah, you just want to see what the universe has in store for you, so you’re letting the wheel decide!

Go ahead and let the wheel tell you what your soul needs to hear today: And hey, if you don’t like the selection, keep spinning ’til it nails your mood!

By the way, if there’s some sort of a technical glitch and you’re unable to see the wheel featured below, you can go here to spin it as well.

[Featured Video] – Brad Paisley, ‘This is Country Music’ – (Lyrics) ‘This is real, this is your life in a song’

Have Fun, and Let-Er-Rip!

Each song topic is numbered, and the corresponding number in the list below will take you to the song so you can hear it.

NOTE: If you’re spinning this wheel on a mobile phone, to scroll down just touch and drag on the small white portion around the wheel on the far left side. Sorry it’s a bit awkward on mobile!

Which Country Song is in Your Stars Today? Spin and Find Out!

On the
Go Listen to the
Country Song Here!
1.Pissed at My Ex
2.Is There Anything Left Between Us?
3.I Have a Great Best Friend
4.Who Wins Fishing? or Her?
5.Tequila Makes You Strip!
6.Your Long Lost Summer Love
7.You Can Do What's Impossible!
8.There's Power in Your Spirit!
9.You're Going to Be Brave From Now On
10.You're Not Invisible, You Matter
11.You're Moving On in Life
12.You've Had Your Moments in the Sun
13.Here They Come Again, and There You Go!
14.You Wanna Party & Drink Hooch!
15.Your Once in a Lifetime Love
16.He Was the Best Dad Ever
17.You've Learned a lot of Lessons
18.Respect Your Last Name
19.Your Dad Lives Life to the Max!
20.It Feels Like Life is Passing You By
21.Your Next 30 Years!
22.The News Depresses You!
23.Someone Has a Drinking Problem
24.Telling Someone You're There for Them
25.A Mom Dedication to Husband & Son
26.Our Relationship Has Been
Tested, but We Choose 'Us'
27.Grandpa Honoring his Full Life with Family &
Honoring Grandma Whose Passed On
28.You Love Her So Much it Hurts!
29.Step Aside People!
You Just Wanna Be Mad for a While!
30.You're a Fighter a Survivor, You Don't Give Up
Your Spirit is Strong
31.You've Lost Your First Love to Another
32.You're Letting Go of Bad Habits, Hate, &
You're Embracing Hope & Change
33.You've Struggled and Want to Give Up,
But You Keep On Climbing
34.He Was Everything a Man Should Be
35.You Just Want a Fun Party Song!
36.People Have Hurt You, Love them Anyway
37.You're Lucky, You Have the Love of Your Life With You
38.Technology & This World are Now So Different than Your Childhood
39.Your Problems Aren't As Big As You Think
Find Hope Here
40.You Wished the Kids Would Grow Up,
And Now They Have
41.You've Decided That Life Isn't Getting the Best of You
So You Stand
42.You Wish They Could Be Here to Celebrate this Milestone
43.Humanity Needs to be more Humble and Kind
44.Learning to Cope with Parental Abandoment
45.Song about Having a Good Time in Life
46.Song about Appreciating Each Other - Time Moving Fast

So, how did that first spin go? Did lady luck get your mood or life story right today? Which country song fits you best? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Susan says:

    My husband would be VERY happy with what the wheel told me, but I’m not going to tell you!

  2. lmao! Now I’m curious! (nevermind, I’m pretty sure I can guess!)

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