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Filed in Funny & Sarcastic Poems/Lyrics, Funny Family Poetry by on May 1, 2009 0 Comments • views: 2330

Her wholesale products arrived too soon
the whole darn lot filled Tommy’s room
Tommy loved the really cool stuff
The Xbox, the Games, and the Billy Gruff
But his hair near fell out when products galore
completely blocked his bedroom door
“Just ’cause it’s wholesale Mom!, you don’t have to buy it!”
“I mean, look at this crap, did ya even try it!”
How could she argue, he did have a point, after all
everything wholesale did fill the joint
So she made him a promise
to stay away from the computer
No brooms, no dolls, no quality pewter
She gave her word
to resist all “wholesales”
Cleaned out his room
held a garage sale
People poured in
like a broken soffit
She bought products so cheap
she made a big profit
She owed her Tommy a special thank you
so with his permission
they shopped online
for new shoes
He said, “Hey mom, look I can get these by mail”
She said, “Son, it’s because that product is wholesale”

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, copyrighted

A Poem About Online Shopaholics: How many people do you know who can’t pass up on a sale or resists items listed wholesale? Online shopping has taken over our brains. We’re doomed. I put this sarcastic piece together in the late 1990s in my late thirties. Yep, it was the early years of the internet and the beginning of our addiction to it.


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