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You and Me

Filed in Love Poetry, Respecting Each Other Poetry by on May 1, 2009 0 Comments • views: 1534

We walk together in pride,
We talk together in happiness,
Love is our aim in life,
We point in all directions,
We try to be you and me

We understand when the other is sad,
but we avoid potential troubles,
because we know by sight,
when one of us wants to be alone,
We try to be you and me

We look into each others eyes,
and we see love,
we cherish this sight,
and advantages are never taken,
for we try to be you and me

We respect each others needs,
yes, our favors are within reason,
we each give a little, then share the sum,
because we try to be you and me,

We know the power of truth,
for we respect each other with honor,
we do so in a way that being honest lovers,
is being you and me,

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Poem: “You and Me”…The interesting thing to note about this poem, is that I wrote it in the 70’s, before I had a mature relationship with anyone and after reading it perfectly describes my marriage. Hmmm, talk about “the law of attraction”. Don’t get me wrong, my marriage like any marriage is an effort, but in terms of where we are right now, and how we treat each other, this poem says it all.

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