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Funny Hockey Poem – You Don’t Have to Stink to be Good!

Filed in Funny & Sarcastic Poems/Lyrics by on November 25, 2019 1 Comment • views: 4687

After nine months of Hockey
Big Fred finishes a great season
done with the sweating,
the workouts and freezin’
done with the traveling,
time to reorganize his trunk,
done with the hockey bag,
and it really stunk!
Fred re-tapes his stick
at the end of each year,
takes his bag to the cleaner
where they sanitize his gear
goes away on a holiday
stays office the whole time
when he gets home he’s recharged
thanks to well-planned downtime
Big Fred’s itching to play
now that he’s back
so out comes his hockey bag,
when he gets a whiff of that sack?
“what! this can’t be mine,
it smells really nice!
I’ll have to play pick-up
to stink this gear up on ice
He proceeds to the arena
feeling big, ready and tough
walks into the dressing room,
all the players smell rough,
they peek above their hockey skates
at Freddie’s rose-scented gear
sarcastically they ask him,
“you don’t play much ’round here?”
Smart Fred says very little
‘why give them a clue?’
nods in the affirmative,
thinks, “I’ll shock all of you”
Shinny starts on time
the Referee drops the puck
Fred wins the first face-off
skates like a Mac Truck
speed and agility
like hockey ballet
his opponents stand stunned,
“man, this guy can play!”
Big Fred takes a shot
it goes in the five-hole,
and that was the first of six beautiful goals,
while shaking hands
Big Fred laughed where he stood,
then sarcastically told them,
“you don’t have to stink to be good!”

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

A Funny Hockey Poem:
Is the incredible stink of hockey equipment a badge of toughness, of working hard…well here’s a poem, called “You Don’t Have to Stink to Be Good” to put this one away. Below is access to my fifty years of poetry, including this poem.

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