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About Drageda – Heart of Country

“A Place to Find the Right Words and the Right Song for the Right Time”

Barb Reviewing Country Music

Here I Am, Headphones and all, Reviewing the Country Songs You’ll Read About Here on

Do you need a country song for a special occasion? Perhaps a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, for mom, for dad, for a party, to express your love? No matter what it’s for, my personal goal here at Drageda is to help you find just the right song.

Not Your Typical Find a Country Song Site!

After spending hours and hours seeking out the best memorial songs to honor my own father, I realized how difficult and time consuming this process was online! Drageda-Heart of Country is here to simplify that process for you!

Understanding your need to find the right song that says just what you need it to say, here at Drageda you’ll get a categorized collection of personally reviewed country songs to help you chose the best one to fit a mood, moment or occasion.

The country songs here on Drageda are discussed from Multiple Perspectives:

    • From Personal Experiences
    • Inspiration from Life  Events
    • Inspiration to Help You Get Through a Difficult Time
    • Hope When a Dose of Hope is What the Doctor Ordered
    • The Complexities of Love
    • The Simplicity of Love
    • The Passing of Time
    • Just the Right Words for a Needed Dose of Perspective
    • History as it May Relate to a Song
    • An Emotional Tribute to a Person, Cause, or Event
    • How a Song Choice Works for Mom, Dad, or Other Family Members
    • How the Lyrics Can Fit for a Celebration or Memorial
    • Why the Song Makes You Cry or Laugh
    • NEW! A Growing compilation of song lists by event or emotion!
    • and More!

I’m always reviewing and adding new songs to the categories in the top menu, so be sure to check back when you need another! By the way, unless otherwise indicated, I’ve written every word of every review and song description you’ll read here; they haven’t been farmed out!

Brad Paisley says it perfectly in the song, ‘This is Country Music  (Lyrics) ‘This is real, this is your life in a song’

How to Find a Country Song to Fit Your Life on Drageda:

  1. Use the Navigational Categories at the top of each page
  2. You’ll notice them defined by mood or emotion; Breakup, Family, Friend … you get the picture!
  3. Click on the category you want and a list of all  songs to date that have been reviewed in that area will be listed! Just pick the best one that fits for your life
  4. Some of the Categories have Sub-Categories within them. You can click on those sub-categories to dig further!
  5. You may run across a few selections that take you off of  Drageda to where I’ve personally authored additional Country Music Song Reviews
  6. You can also go to the bottom of each page on Drageda (The Footer) where you’ll find a growing list of Country Music Artists by name and search for all songs currently reviewed on Drageda for that Artist. As an Artist’s song is reviewed on Drageda, their name is added to this list.

How to Get an Artist’s Music if You Need or Want a Particular Song:

  1. On each individually reviewed page here on Drageda you’re also  provided a link to the Artists Song/Album on Amazon or iTunes
  2. You can, in almost all cases, listen to the song first, directly on a page – A video of the song has been provided to make it easy for you
  3. Don’t miss the Daily Top Ten in Country Music on iTunes featured in the SideBar – Click to get the song

I Write Too! Poems, Quotes & Lyrics – It’s my pleasure to bring you the power of poetic words

You’ll also find my own works of poetry, quotes, song lyrics and sayings dispersed throughout Drageda. Some of the quotations featured are famous by others, and some personally written by me. Where there’s a saying about love, there’s a country song for that, where there’s a quote about persistence, there’s certainly a country song to tell that story.

The poetry and song lyrics I’ve written reflect a multitude of emotions. Viewing the human condition through poetry and song is often a fun and rewarding experience. Many times we find a life event of our own painted in a Poem or Song. The picture of our life in words, unexpectedly brought to us without warning, can be a gift that brings a smile, a tear, love or laughter.

My personal motto is that with some daily inspiration, whether through song or words, we’re reminded that we do have the option of taking the direct route to happiness, potentially living an easier life in the process. Here’s something I’ve put together on The Secret to Life.

The History & Facts About Drageda – Growth & Change, Life’s Constant

Drageda has changed a great deal since it’s inception in the early 2000’s. As I’ve learned more about where I’ve wanted to take this site, it’s been modified accordingly. It’s been a fun ride and it seems Drageda has always had it’s heart in country!

What in the world does ‘Drageda’ stand for?

D – Don’t

R – Ride

A – Alone

G – Get

E – Emotional

D – Daily

A – Assistance

An Interesting “Drageda” tidbit…

Did you know you can type the word “drageda” by only using your left hand (when typing in the proper typing method of two hands on the correct keys, on the keyboard<—that’s the old school way)

Try it! “drageda”…strictly a left hand word

Prior to the amalgamation of HubPages and Squidoo, some of you may already know me as Squidoo’s Country Music Contributor. I continue to write and review Country Music and, as mentioned above,  you can still find personally authored country music reviews on Hubpages.

However, most of my personal Music Reviews formerly on Squidoo will be landing here, along with future work yet to be written!

Barbara Tremblay Cipak on Google+ and Full resume on LinkedIn

Willing to Collaborate with Artists – If Interested in Barbara’s Personally Written Lyrics, Contact Barbara Tremblay Cipak at 416-566-0643 or

Barb’s Blah Blah Disclosure Note:

In some cases, the emotion-reviews written by me have resulted from a Country Artist contacting me personally and asking if I would be willing to do an emotion-review of a particular song or songs, but in most cases the emotion-reviews are written independent of any request.  In both cases, my interpretation, opinion and emotional analysis of the song and article about the song is strictly my own, and not meant to reflect any opinions, intentions or thoughts the Artist or the Song Writers may or may not have or had. Although some emotion-song-reviews do tend to tie in with what the song’s emotion was intended for, it’s coincidental (sometimes obvious) and again, is still not meant to claim or state any thoughts, opinions or intentions the artist may or may not have.

There! I took care of that stuff!


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