25 Funny Things to Write in a Driving Test Card

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What to write in a card for a new driverOh no, they’ve gotten their drivers license

You’re happy for them, but at the same time, your first instinct is to warn everyone.

Instead of taking out an Ad to give all the other drivers a heads-up, add a little humor in a congratulations card. You’ll find a few smart-@ss blurbs below to scribble in a card. You’ll be forgiven if you include a gift or cash or somethin’.

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Go ahead, use these in a personal card to let the new driver know what you think, in a friendly way if that’s possible? Change them up to suit your personality, or just go ahead and use them as-is.

25 Funny Things to Write in a Driving Test Card

    1. You passed! Did you bribe the instructor?

    2. I alerted the traffic chopper that you passed…they’ve entered your car into their GPS

    3. First thing to do with your new drivers license, my grocery shopping

    4. Now that you’re officially a new driver, I’m taking the bus

    5. So I was wondering if you could email me before you drive anywhere; I’ll start a prayer chain

    6. I have faith in your skills – I’m currently reading the power of positive thinking

    7. Don’t worry driving is easy, it’s dealing with crazy people that’s hard

    8. If I could wish one thing for you as a new driver it would be that you reach your destination safely – actually that..and also that others who pass you reach theirs!

    9. You have your drivers license!! why am I a wreck?

    10. Congratulations on being an official member of the rat race – now you can drive alongside all of us fools

    11. I know you’re going to be a great  driver; you’re related to me

    12. You’ve passed the big test in life, figures,  you’re as close to perfect as ever

    13. You don’t know how to fail – no surprise you passed this test too

    14. I want to be supportive and say I’m so happy that you passed your drivers test, but truthfully, I’m scared **itless for the rest of us

    15. You are one of the best drivers I know, so  I’ll bet you graded the instructor too!

    16. So just because you have a piece of paper in your wallet that says you can drive doesn’t mean I have to like it!

    17. Congratulations on getting your drivers license! It’s awesome that you’ll be on the road behind such a powerful machine – *waving white flag*

    18. It’s not how you drive, it’s who you drive…crazy.

    19. I wanted to buy you something really special to celebrate your latest milestone; here’s a helmet for your passengers

    20. Drive with full confidence, because anything less scares the crap out of anyone in your car

    21. Finally! Finally! Finally! you have your drivers license and we are all celebrating this major event in your life…there’s life in them-there-hills!

    22. Don’t worry you don’t have to  take the test again ’til you’re 80 (we hope)

    23. Now get the hell out of the house and drive drive drive

    24. New drivers are like new babies, except  we don’t have to feed you and change your pants (just our own when you scare the crap out of us)

    25. It’s officially done. The  world has come to an end. You’re legal to drive. Lord help us.

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