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Thank You Sayings to Write in Cards

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Finding the right thank you card wording can sometimes be challenging. Here you’ll find some suggested sayings designed to help you express thanks for an act of kindness, help, advice or for a special gift you’ve received – Feel free to text them to a friend, or write them in a card to a friend.

Original Thank You Sayings to Write in Cards, by Drageda:

  1. Thank you for being you, it makes being me so much easierThere are no words to express how grateful I am … yes there are.. you are awesome
  2. Without you the world would be lacking one giant heart
  3. Your thoughtfulness is equal to your specialness
  4. You put a lot of thought into your gift, thank you for taking that time
  5. We are blessed to know you’re always there for us, thank you
  6. Thank you just seems like a small thing to say for what you did
  7. How can one person be so kind, thank you so much
  8. Your gift was more than appreciated; we ate the entire thing!
  9. Sometimes life hands you lemons, then other times life hands us you, thank you
  10. Your help is what got us out of the situation we were in
  11. We’re not sure whether you realize just how special you are to us..so we’re sending thanks wrapped in hugs
  12. Will you just stop being so darned nice, ’cause it makes it a lot harder for the rest of us to live up to!
  13. Your special gift is that you care, and you take the time to show it…thank you
  14. A world without you would feel as though the pillar that holds it all together is missing – thank you
  15. You are the rock in our life, thank you for always being there
  16. Please know this: Your kindness and generosity can never be measured
  17. Generosity should be your middle name; the word defines you
  18. Thank you for being there when it wasn’t an easy thing to do
  19. You are probably the most supportive person I know
  20. You’re always doing something for others, especially for me
  21. Don’t think that what you do goes unnoticed because I see everything you do
  22. You’re more than just a friend, you’re my sister in time, thanks for being there for me
  23. You are a light in an otherwise dark place, thank you for your love and support
  24. You’re an ace at gift giving but more than that, you’re an ace at kindness
  25. Thank you for your thoughts, thank you for your deeds and thank you for just being you
  26. In order to fully comprehend just how wonderful you are, I’ll need to give you unlimited awe
  27. Thanks so much for  being the kind of person that most of us strive to be
  28. You’ve reached a plateau – there’s no doubt that pedestal now belongs to you! thank you!
  29. I don’t want to gush too much, but gheesh you are beyond amazing! thank you!
  30. Thanks for the help; I could never have faced all the work that had to be done if you weren’t there
  31. Time is a measurement, and you sure do give me a lot of it; that’s also a measurement of your awesomeness!
  32. Thanks is such a small way of putting it
  33. I always knew you were a kind person, but this goes beyond anything I could have imagined
  34. How you make us feel is what we remember the most and you make us feel very special, thank you

Saying thank you in card doesn’t have to be as simple as two words; expand on your thoughts and appreciation by adding a personally written quote of Kindness.

Fridge Magnet - Thank You

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