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50 Funny Love Quotes and Sayings

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What is love if it doesn’t include some silly humor. Here’s a list of original and creative funny love quotes and sayings you can say to him or her by phone, text, twitter or facebook!

The Funny Love Whisperer

  1. You are the catch to my cacciatore
  2. My love my light my gawd you’re bright
  3. Holy-moly love you solely
  4. You are the sink to my hole
  5. You are the wishy to my washy
  6. I love you more than a ducky loves the water
  7. I love you more than a Shih Tzu loves to sniff
  8. My love for you scares the hell out of me
  9. I sneeze love; achlovu
  10. You’re so sweet I cry sugar when I see you
  11. Love you more than chocolate ice cream
  12. When I said I do I didn’t mean the windows
  13. Your love is like the sun, too freaking far away
  14. Come over and we’ll vacuum your chest nekid
  15. You are the sunshine of my day…thank gawd, ’cause it’s cloudy
  16. I laugh when I think of us, ’cause we’re not sane
  17. Go ahead, clean the car motor on my dining room table…I’m hooked
  18. If you were the last man on earth, oh baby would I love you
  19. Marry me…I want to irritate you the rest of my life
  20. No one I know is from Venus, so deal with it
  21. If you’re going to shock me, cook
  22. I’m here to be loved, but if you want to use me go ahead that works too
  23. If a guy gives up football for his girl, then he’s too far gone to be saved
  24. I love you so much that I’ll only ask you to change your underwear, not your personality
  25. Stupid love is the kind of love that lasts for the first year..then we’re just left with stupid
  26. When a guy chooses to watch Sleepless in Seattle with his Girl over sports, he’s off the cliff
  27. If I could get together with you I would get it together with you
  28. I want to do 25 things with you before noon
  29. About those 25 things before noon…bring water
  30. I can’t quit you, I’m addicted to your spell
  31. You make me feel sorry for me..that’s how much I love you
  32. To love you means holding on tight or I’ll fall flat and lose my mind
  33. Love gone wrong, damn even that feels right
  34. I can’t buy your love, but crap at least let me rent it
  35. I’ll know I’ve loved you long enough when my walker is double parked
  36. The secret to love is simple, stay through all the crap
  37. If we stay together long enough, I’ll learn to tolerate toleration
  38. I’m not easy, you’re not easy, so neither of us will get screwed
  39. You have your guard up; I have my guard down – guard down wins!
  40. Our life is like a game; we’re playing to win
  41. I kissed a fool but so did you
  42. Your kisses are like soft white feathers, light and hairy…I mean ‘airy’
  43. I love beer, pizza on you
  44. I met you, looked in your eyes and instantly became stupid…you’re hawt
  45. iza weally wuv ewe
  46. Don’t starve yourself, I like me some beef
  47. On the river of life there you are..the only ship that’s sailing
  48. You actually hear me when I talk …crap you are hooked
  49. If I had a choice, fall in love or fall into a pool of cash…I’d make sure the pool is full
  50. You are my dream come true in a world of nightmare charmers!
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