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Happy Birthday Sayings You Can Write in a Personal Birthday Card

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So you need a creative way to tell the poor soul they’ve aged another damn year! Well, here’s a list of original, barely non-offensive ways to do it!

Go ahead, text the birthday blurb out, or look them directly in the eye, and dare to say it without smirking…they were born on this day, so you are obligated to say something memorable, ok, that’s a load of crap, but here’s a list of nice, naughty and corny things you can blurt out or write in a personal birthday card:

  1. So you’re another year older I’ll drink out of your belly button for that
  2. My horse counted your age today with his leg; it’s now officially arthritic
  3. You’re not old you’re just youthfully challenged
  4. If there were a card I could pick that said it best, I would choose an unlimited credit card for you
  5. I’ve written a song, I’ve gotten it all wrong, your birthday matters, my song’s in tatters!
  6. Your birthday is the reason I’m happy today
  7. If I had one wish for your birthday, I’d wish for you to have inner peace for a million years
  8. I saved all my best wishes for this day so that you could have them
  9. For your birthday I want to walk in your shoes for a day just to give you a break
  10. You are indeed the definition of joy; I love everything about you
  11. You are strong and dignified; today, be weak and silly!
  12. Don’t worry you still look like you’re five years old
  13. You’re not old you’re incredibly experienced
  14. You have officially graduated with a Ph.D. in Birthdays
  15. 50 years and you look so young I was going to buy diaper cream
  16. Happy B-day
  17. Yppah yadhtrib
  18. Happy annual reminder
  19. Let’s go dancing on your happy day
  20. I’m hoping your day is as happy as you make me
  21. Birthdays acknowledge air, if you’re having one, that’s a sign you’re still breathing!
  22. Happy another one bites the dust day
  23. Birthday, life’s measuring stick of survival
  24. Birthday survival kit: lots of hugs, more hugs, and cash
  25. Happy entrance day
  26. Happy Birthday from George Clooney (via six degrees of separation)
  27. I hope we celebrate our 100th birthday together
  28. Bright and Happy that’s who you are
  29. 365 days ago you were one year away from today
  30. Birthdays and You, name two things that come too soon
  31. I put a big bow on myself for your birthday
  32. Happiness is knowing you were born today
  33. Look 50 act 30 sound 18, happy look-act-sound day
  34. Happy I-can’t-believe you were born for me day
  35. Happy born-this-way day
  36. Parties, panties, and poop – name three things to let loose on your birthday
  37. You’re not old, only experienced with numbers
  38. Sometimes the best you can be is just too damn good
  39. Happy sexy-butt day
  40. When you were born God said he was done – you can’t top perfection
  41. At the time of your birth the heavens parted – then we all heard a big laugh
  42. On your big day, don’t do anything – why ruin a routine
  43. It’s your birthday, and I only have three things to say – Happy freaking birthday
  44. Now is the time, decide – happy birthday or shockingly happy birthday
  45. Don’t forget to dress for your birthday – just socks.
  46. Make an effort to have some fun today! Or I’ll have to tackle kiss you
  47. Today I’d like to wish you a mirthful commemoration
  48. Happy natal day
  49. Happy naval separation day
  50. Happy umbilical release day

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