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Sayings about Kissing You Can Write in a Personal Card to that Special Someone

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60 Original Sayings About Kissing

When you’re not sure what to say after that hot date, or you’re not sure how to express your love uniquely, or you’re not sure how to be memorable or stand out after that date is over, writing a personal handwritten note is the old-school practical choice to make.

Who would expect a card in the mail with a hot personal note these days, not many? To separate yourself from the crowd, you have to do things that others would either be too lazy to do, never take the time to do, or never think to do. Sure, you can text these sayings if you want, but that’s something everybody does, so be different, send a card.

If you need an original saying about kissing to write in a personal card or text to that special someone, here are 60 ideas for you – bend them, fracture them, it’s up to you:

Kissing you is like having a secret the world will never know about

  1. Stealing kisses from you is my favorite thing to do
  2. Beware of my sneak kiss attack; it will get you unexpectedly
  3. When I kiss you, I understand the secret to life
  4. If I could kiss you when I sleep, I know my dreams would be beautiful
  5. Sometimes I interrupt you with a kiss to keep you quiet
  6. I woke up this morning so that I could kiss you again
  7. I’m not scared of love; I’m afraid of that time in life when I won’t be able to kiss you
  8. Your lips are like magnets pulling me towards them
  9. How do I function when kissing you is the biggest pleasure ever known to man!
  10. I’m not going to say you’re perfect, but your lips are
  11. Kissing you is like reaching into a shark tank with my eyes closed; I know I could get bit, but the temptation outweighs the risk
  12. Look at you walking around with your lips exposed for all of us to lose our minds over
  13. Cover your kissing machine, cause all I want to do is turn it on
  14. I kiss and tell myself I’ll live
  15. If I kiss you again, I may not stop to breathe, and that would mean no more kisses, should I risk it?
  16. If I had a way to kiss you from a distance, I would do it every second of every day for the rest of my life
  17. You always kiss me with your mind, then my lips get hypnotized
  18. Did you know it’s mean to kiss someone that good then go home? I hope you’re mean to me again tomorrow
  19. I am where I am today because of your motivational kisses
  20. When I’m lonely, I think of kissing you,  and my hurt disappears for a second
  21. I’ve never told anyone about your luscious lips; too scared to lose them
  22. I swore when I kissed you; I fell into a cosmic black hole of  ‘holy-crap I’m done for sure.’
  23. Two things happen to me when I kiss you, my heart heals, and I get scared
  24. Somethings are never better left unsaid; ‘wow can you ever kiss.’
  25. I filed a patent on your lips today
  26. Lawyer up because you should be arrested for kissing like that
  27. The trouble with those kisses you gave me, I can never give them back, and now I’m stuck with this helpless feeling of mush forever
  28. If I had to choose between the moon and your lips, I would tell the moon to kiss my *ss
  29. With every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction – thus kissing you is what caused me to scream streaking through Times Square (an utterly rational response)
  30. In a world of crazy, I find your lips
  31. Some people search a lifetime for lips like that, and I find them merely by chance
  32. We met, kissed and fell in love in one day; there is a God
  33. I am not telling my friends how hot your lips are, because I feel guilty for finding them
  34. Kiss me, hold me, love me, then kiss me again and again and again
  35. I want to leave this planet with your lips touching mine
  36. The breath of your kiss is like air to my soul
  37. I am now and forever afraid of never kissing you again
  38. The pain of love is lost in a kiss of healing
  39. Time stops when we kiss; that’s where I want to be stuck forever
  40. My heart breaks for those who have never felt kisses like ours
  41. Do you think other people kiss as we do? I don’t think so; we win Olympic Gold
  42. Never say goodbye without kissing me, because if it’s our last moment together, I want to taste your love forever
  43. Trouble is when I kiss you I know I can never be free again
  44. Throw me a kiss when my lips are too far away
  45. Come over, and we’ll kiss all night; just kissing
  46. Kissing you is the most intimate experience I’ve ever had in my life
  47. I’m so scared to kiss you because I know I’m falling in love with you
  48. When you kiss me back, I lose all perspective on life
  49. Stay with me forever, kiss me forever
  50. I gamble with my soul every time my lips touch yours
  51. Your kisses relax me after a long stressful day
  52. Love and kissing go hand in hand when it’s your lips involved!
  53. I cannot get away from loving you after kissing you
  54. You need to register those lips as a weapon
  55. Lips locked in love and Kissing all night Long; this is what I want to do with you
  56. I can’t decide if hugging you or kissing you is better, so let’s do both all the time
  57. Time heals all wounds, but it can’t heal my lips from missing yours
  58. I don’t want to get corny but, holy crap, can you ever kiss!
  59. Tried and true, kiss me ’til I can’ breath, kiss me ’til I’m blue

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Note: Sayings for Personal Use Only, Not for Commercial Use

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