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Haunting and Creepy Country Songs

Creepy Country Songs to Add to Your Halloween Playlist or Just Because You Like Creepy Stories in Song

Hey, not all country music is about drinking beer and loving mom. If you need a song or two or three or more for that creeped-out playlist, behold…here are several to ponder.

In typical country music style, it’s the lyrics you need to listen to to absorb the total creepiness of the tale being told in the song. So beware…it’s not only music that can make a song creepy; country music does it unsuspectingly with words and video, so listen for and, in some cases, watch the story! A little visual creepiness adds to the overall scare or, in some cases, shock.

Play these on the big screen to listen to and watch at your scary country music party.

Review of the First 4 Haunting and Creepy Country Songs from the Above Video Playlist:

I’m Just a Ghost in This House, by Alison Krauss

A Very Haunting Song about Heartbreak!

Alison Krauss’s voice is ideally suited to this song’s haunting nature. Honestly, you’ll get shivers up your back!

As you begin listening to the words, it feels like she’s talking about someone severely depressed, and it’s a little upsetting to hear the sadness, but as you listen more, the song takes you on the woman’s journey of heartbreak.

There’s also a double meaning, in my opinion, that being that the song could represent a soul who has died and remains in the house she and someone she once loved shared …perhaps she’s stuck there waiting? If you love watching programs about ‘real ghost stories,’ this analysis may also seem plausible!

I would describe this sad, almost depressingly beautiful song as less creepy and more haunting. It’s now one of my new favorites.

Find ‘Ghost in This House’ on Alison Krauss’s Album, ‘Forget About It

Along with 11 other beautiful tracks, you’ll find Ghost in this House on Alison Krauss’ 1999 Album ‘Forget About It.’ This song is a cover. It was written by Hugh Prestwood and initially recorded by the Country Music Group ‘Shenandoah’. The Dixie Chicks also covered this song. The song peaked at number 2 and number 5, respectively, on the Canada and US Country Charts in 1990.

Creepin’ by Eric Church is a swampy country song that almost slithers!

A Warped Twist on What Love Addiction Can Do!

Get it on iTunes

All three aspects of music make this song creepy: the music, the lyrics, and the video…but the video seals the deal! He can’t seem to shake his former love’s memory, and as she creeps back into his mind, she’s slowly driving him crazy.

Like any addiction, his addiction to her isn’t something he’s successfully quitting! It’s going to take work to stop her from owning his head. The video uses a haunting, freaked-out train ride to symbolize the woman’s power over this man! Oh, he thought he shook her…but there she is again, and he’s back in pain… Is he going to go crazy? He just might…’cause this one keeps ‘creepin back….maybe like a wart?

You’ll Find ‘Creepin’ on Eric Church’s Album ‘Chief’

It was the fourth single released in July 2012 from his album Chief. He co-wrote the song with Marv Green. It was critically well-received and reached the 5th spot for Country Airplay on the 2012-2013 charts. You’ll find 11 fabulous songs by Eric Church on this Digital Album.

Delia’s Gone by Johnny Cash – Song about a Murder Based on a True Story

Mose Houston shot and killed Delia Green on Christmas Day, 1900 – They were about 14 years old.

Numerous folk singers, including Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, have sung the ballad of Delia’s murder over the generations. Although the story of this horrific murder has been changed numerous times to fit song interpretations, the truest part remains…Delia was killed.

In typical Johnny Cash style, you’ll find this version very blunt; there are no grand symbols in the song here…he does her in. The video is equally as straightforward. This forthright approach in the song separates it from other creepy songs! No natural metaphors describe how she died; he gets straight to the point…: he took a shot she was suffering, took another, and was dead. It’s extra creepy since it’s based on an actual historical incident.

In the song, He doesn’t get off that easy; she stands at his bedside and haunts him. But he doesn’t seem to mind, as long as ‘Delia’s Gone’.

If you find this historical story in song intriguing, you can read about the sad fall of Delia Green on Wiki.

Delia Green was born in 1886 and was murdered on December 25th, 1900, an unfortunate demise for a young 14-year-old. In 1901, Mose Houston was convicted and received a sentence of life in prison – He was paroled in 1913 and died in 1927.

Delia’s Gone can be Found on Johnny Cash’s Album, The Legend of Johnny Cash’

You’ll find 20 additional songs and Delia’s Gone on Johnny Cash’s ‘The Legend of Johnny Cash.’ It was released as a compilation album tied to the release of the movie ‘Walk the Line’ starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. In 2006, the album was certified two-times Platinum. No surprise!

3-2-1 by Brett Kissel – An Awesome & Upsetting Video with This Song!

Do they live, or do they die? – The Cost of Love

Unless you’ve seen this video, you wouldn’t typically categorize the lyrics or music as creepy. The unexpected angle of the story of love in this video makes it a creative winner! I find when I watch it, I can’t look away! The end of the video keeps you guessing..forever…do they live or die???

Get it on iTunes

The lyrics alone have you thinking ‘traditional country music love song’; however, the video takes you down another road!

When you watch it, you’ll notice in the beginning, the boyfriend, who fell in love with the wrong father’s daughter, is bound to the steering wheel of a car…dad has arranged for him to be killed, and a few other guys are holding back his daughter as she screams for the man she loves who is facing sure death. The 6-minute video ends with the car keys being tossed in a field, the girl let go, and a match lit to set the car on fire where her boyfriend, beaten and tied to the wheel, can’t escape ….it never shows whether she made it back to save him or not!

3-2-1 by Brett Kissel can be Found on His Album, Started with a Song

This song spent seven weeks atop the charts in Canada on the Chevrolet Top 20 Countdown. This Canadian country artist, born in 1990, is from Flat Lake, Alberta. He received the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award at the Junos in 2014. 3-2-1 was released as the third single from his album, ‘Started with a Song’ in February of 2014 – Two of Brett’s other hit songs are also found on this album: Started with a Song and Raise Your Glass.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Wow, Barbara, only you could come up with a list of creepy country songs, lol! Who knew there were so many? Pinning to my Halloween Party Ideas board.

  2. lol, thanks Margaret, country music is the master of story and words no matter the topic isn’t it?

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