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Dolly Parton Halloween Costume

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There’s no denying that Dolly Parton is a legend in Country Music. With imitation, the sincerest form of flattery, the popularity of dressing as Dolly for Halloween is proof of that.

If you’re planning to attend a country music themed Halloween party, there are numerous angles to approach your Dolly costume from. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding accessories to create a specific country look.

Add a Blonde Wig

What is the point of being Dolly Parton for a night if you don’t include the wig? As we all know, Ms. Parton is known for her numerous wig styles. So it doesn’t matter what type of wig you end up using, be sure it’s big hair and blonde. For those who are naturally born with big blonde hair, you’re already good to go…that Cowboy hat will look fantastic on you. In case you need a wig, you’ll see the choices below.

Finish the Look with a Pair of Cowboy Boots

This outfit, being white, looks terrific with white cowboy boots; that’s the way I would go. However, it’s an entirely personal decision. If you already own a pair of boots and are working within a budget, then don’t go overboard, use those boots no matter the color! By the way, since the costume is white with pink trim, wouldn’t Pink Cowboy Boots look great, on second thought, I would choose Pink Boots.

About Dolly Parton

You’ll be dressing up as one of the classiest, most generous women of country music.

Dolly Parton, born January 19th, 1946, is not only a famous award-winning hall of fame singer-songwriter, but she’s also an author, an actress, plays numerous instruments, and of course, is very well known for her philanthropy. Have fun celebrating this wonderful lady.

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