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Hidden Dreams Can Sometimes Be

Destiny Poem about Hidden Dreams

Hidden Dreams Can Sometime Be

A dream it inches in the wind

not knowing the way it flies

it finds a place for tired wings

then left alone it dies

never to be seen again

until that time

one day when

the wind swoops down

and lifts the dream

to a place it will be seen

It teaches it to fly again

without the power of the wind

Now the dream floats freely

on its own

and finds its rightful place

it’s home

a place for all the world to see

that hidden dreams

can sometimes be

what drives a soul

a destiny

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted

Poem about Destiny: The urge to pen a poem to paper can come from the oddest places. This one poured out of me after watching Susan Boyle’s first performance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

Her unassuming presence gets you thinking, ‘this audition won’t go well’. Hmmm. Don’t judge, because her hidden dreams found their way on that stage.

Wondering how many of us have a hidden gift, or purpose, these words found their way onto the page.

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