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Quotes About Death of a Loved One

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The death of a loved one leaves us with an emptiness that can never be replaced – It seems the very best we can expect is to learn, in some way to cope with life without that person, although even that seems impossible.

When we’re grieving it’s sometimes very difficult to find the right words to either say, or to write in a sympathy card. If you’ve ever suffered grief, you know exactly what it’s like. We’re missing our loved one so intensly that words don’t seem to capture the pain; and it’s safe to say, words never will.

Hopefully this list will make it a little bit easier for you. Finding the right words is often difficult, and if in this list you can’t find what it is you need to say, you can also check out this additional list of 80 sympathy sayings.

These are short original quotes that reflect these emotions about the passing of our loved one. Go ahead and use these words inside a handwritten card, for personal use.

Quotes About Death

  1. When you lived I lived
  2. I’m not ready to do this, my life without you is empty
  3. One more hug just one more hug
  4. Your memory heals my soul
  5. Where did you go, I don’t understand
  6. In the trees, in the breeze, that’s when I feel you close10 country songs about death
  7. The sways of the willow have become my rocking chair
  8. I’ll keep the light on for you
  9. You know so much more than we do now, please guide us
  10. The gift we had was you, we are grateful
  11. I want to be happy for you, for your newness
  12. There’s a peace where you are, a gift you deserve
  13. I believe we are still walking in the same space together, you’re simply lighter
  14. We will always be connected I know this as sure as the flower grows
  15. The bridge between us doesn’t exist, I am here
  16. The secret to life is to be kind to each other
  17. The ordinary aspects of our lives is the spiritual journey, it’s our gift
  18. Missing you is so strange, it’s like you’ve taken a trip on a spaceship to another planet and I can’t get there
  19. I know you haven’t left, but I still really miss you like I lost a leg
  20. Consciousness is eternal and knowing that keeps me with you
  21. Since you’re passing I have begun to examine the purpose of my life
  22. You’ve help me to see what really matters
  23. Life is to be lived with grace and kindness; you were a shining example
  24. Everything I learned about life I learned from you
  25. Nobody lives a perfect life, but life seemed closer to perfect when you were here
  26. You live in one dimension and I live in another; when I think of it this way, it’s easier to cope
  27. When I look for answers I get really sad, so I just think of our memories to make me smile
  28. I’ll bet the band played when you arrived
  29. I’ll look for you in a light breeze and when the sun shines
  30. You lived a exemplary life
  31. As my face is arched towards the sun, I think of you
  32. We don’t say goodbye
  33. Be seeing you in my dreams
  34. In a field of flowers, that’s where I’ll find you
  35. I love you beyond this world
  36. Time no longer stands still
  37. Your warmth has filled my heart forever
  38. Our love is what holds us til we meet again
  39. I can’t believe you’ve left, yet I understood you had to
  40. A soul travels a great distance, yet it never leaves our side
  41. In the physical world we are meant to grow together in the spiritual world we will be together forever
  42. I have been very lucky in this life, thank you
  43. The holidays without you, how will I do that
  44. Ten years since I’ve seen your face and it still hurts
  45. I hold your hand everyday in my heart
  46. When you left my heart was broken and it never healed
  47. You were a big man, mind, body and soul
  48. I wish I could see you again
  49. Learning to live without you is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do
  50. I’m so proud and grateful that you were mine
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