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100 Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend that are So Sweet Zombies Will Stop Eating Brains

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You Like Him? You Love Him? It makes no difference! Here are Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend no matter the Depth of Your Love!

Best of all, if you say these out loud while tapping your feet together three times, Zombies will avoid your brain altogether. Be a hero and save your Boyfriend’s life; send him here to recite sweet things he can say to you.

Featured Video: Sweet things to say to your boyfriend in a song  – ‘I Love You‘ by Martina McBride!

If you’de rather say it in a song, check out this collection of songs that say “I Love You” in just about any way you can imagine

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Fridge Magnet – For the fridge, when sweet things to say to your boyfriend need to be displayed for him daily

  1. I’m your biggest fangirl
  2. If the world comes to an end, I want to be in your arms
  3. So, I just checked, and I’m officially crazy for you now
  4. Don’t tell anyone how much I love you; it makes me look bad
  5. I have no secrets from you; you’re sorta like a holy figure to me?
  6. In times of trouble, my heart leans on you
  7. No way I can do this without you
  8. You are the butter on my bread
  9. Love is my journey you are my trip
  10. I get there when you get there
  11. Your apple is in my eye
  12. You are the gift I give myself
  13. Love brings me home to you every day
  14. You’re sweeter than sweet and nicer than rice
  15. In this broken life, you are my fix
  16. You are the abundance I’ve been seeking
  17. I didn’t realize something was missing ’til I met you
  18. Sweetly speaking, I love you deeply
  19. If you could see my dreams, you would see yourself
  20. When I tell you to go jump in the lake, I want you to take me too
  21. Crying tears, yelling fears, giving sneers, even then, I still love you
  22. You love me better than I’ve ever been loved
  23. Your butt is cute, your eyes are hot, and your love is pure
  24. Puppy’s and Kittens, name two things you’re cuter than
  25. When my arms are empty, I hold you tight in my heart
  26. Seeing you gives me peace
  27. You’re the only one I need; please stay
  28. I drop plates when I think of you
  29. I’m utterly discombobulated thinking of you
  30. Summer tea and me, two things that are sweet for you
  31. Last night was better than pancakes and bacon
  32. Syrup, that’s what you taste like; sticky and sweet
  33. I love you enough to let you go…to work, hurry home
  34. The only place I want to be is on your knee
  35. Eternity began when I met you
  36. Since I met you, I sleep better
  37. You calm me down when most everything riles me up
  38. Your soothing nature is a unique gift that I truly appreciate
  39. The little things you do for me, count more than anything else
  40. Sink or Swim, I do both with you, we’re in it together
  41. You are sweetness; I looked it up
  42. I googled ‘loving kind soul,’ and your picture ranks first
  43. I love your gentle soul
  44. You’re tough, rough and gruff, but your sweetness still shines through
  45. You can’t fix my love for you, so don’t try
  46. Every day is a new beginning when I wake up beside you
  47. Your guyness can’t hide your sweetness; nice try though
  48. When I seek love, I seek you
  49. I’m sitting here alone, thinking only about us
  50. Yesterday is history because you weren’t in my yesterdays
  51. Today is the present because you’re the gift I wanted
  52. Tomorrow is not a mystery, so long as you are always with me
  53. If I knew then what I know now, I would have met you when I was born
  54. Seven days of the week is not enough time with you
  55. You’re a funny guy, and that’s what works for me!
  56. Sweet sorrow, sweet sayings, sweet pleasures it’s raining
  57. I stood in the rain to cry so nobody would ask why it’s because I love you
  58. My love for you fell on my heart like the weight of ten thousand drops
  59. Summertime is not only hot and warm, so are you
  60. Paradise is just being with you
  61. I don’t have to travel the world anymore, I found you
  62. We’re two souls finding our way together
  63. Your heart and my heart were meant to meet
  64. I’m so exhausted; only you can gas me up
  65. Sleeping calms me only when you’re here
  66. I’m resting my eyes and thinking of you
  67. I miss you more, love you more, need you more; I’m screwed
  68. You love with just the right amount of blood flow
  69. I could totally tell you’re into me because I’m totally into you
  70. This was our first date, take me off the market, please
  71. You are everything the ladies bathroom stall said you were
  72. Come over, let’s play
  73. Sunshine gives warmth like you give love, without condition
  74. Could you possibly come over and stay for the rest of my life
  75. Don’t worry, I’m happy!
  76. Sometimes it’s hard to say I love you, but not to you
  77. My goose is cooked, I love you
  78. I’m off the market because you were on the shelf
  79. I choose life, that means I choose you
  80. To be the best I can be, I give you my love
  81. Freely and without hesitation, that’s how I love you
  82. Sometimes in the winter the snow flies and I cry for you
  83. Missing you, loving you, needing you, that’s when I’m happy
  84. This world doesn’t rotate properly when you’re not standing on it
  85. The magnetic field just shifted; I love you that much
  86. Sweetly speaking, you can put more syrup on my heart anytime
  87. Yesterday is over, damn it was good
  88. Holy cats I love you and your body
  89. You are seriously hot..I want to do that again tonight
  90. Your body rocks, but your heart makes you beautiful
  91. A beautiful man never thought was possible ’til I met you
  92. In front, behind, and to the side, you look good from any angle
  93. You are the feathers in my arrow
  94. Bring the guys over and mess the house, I love you that much
  95. Dinner was a winner, glad you don’t care I’m not thinner
  96. You are seriously fine
  97. If I had three wishes, they would all involve kisses
  98. Give me a chance; I’ll show what this woman can do
  99. Your scores; 10, 9.9, 10 – you lost a point for not being here
  100. And the winner is you!
  101. Did you know that you confuse me, and I love that!
  102. Being loved by you is a special gift
  103. I’m hoping to be on a long road with you
  104. I love you so much it scares the crap out of me

Can you think of more sweet things to say to your boyfriend? Don’t be shy; leave them in the comments below. Keep it clean, though!

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Comments (3)

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  1. You get my poem. This is for my hubby.

    You sleep so quiet
    So peaceful
    so sweet
    I have no idea
    why I have this crazy desire
    To sniff your feet.

    I’m not weird
    not mentally ill,
    not abnormal in any other way
    except this irresistible urge
    To harass you while you sleep.

    I would like to put my finger in your ear
    or tickle your toes
    paint a big black mustache
    under your nose.

    I’ld love to braid your chest hair
    Paint a face on your bum
    Shave your underarms
    wake you up and make love.

    I want to lie a feather
    under your nose
    to make you sneeze
    dust you with baby powder
    until you wheeze.

    It isn’t my fault
    I’ve tried
    I can’t stop
    You just look so sweet
    and peaceful when you sleep.

    I want to bathe you in wet kisses
    tickle the ends of your toes
    Paint your fingernails
    Put a ring through your nose.

    It’s something I just can’t control
    You drive me insane
    Softly snoring
    while I lay here awake.

    These uncontrollable feelings
    To shake you awake
    Just to tell you I love you
    in every imaginable way.
    Lorelei Cohen

  2. Lorelei, lol, love it hahahaha – and I can relate (I often bug my hubby while he sleeps, it’s hard to resist, in fact I do that a little too often!) – I cracked up reading this!

  3. Your love has conquered me. Now I belong to you.

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