Quotes About Saying Goodbye

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“50 Quotes About Saying Goodbye”

Original to text or write in a card to someone about “Saying Goodbye”, featured below are 50 Original Quote Sayings:

Original Sayings about Goodbye by Drageda:

  1. We never have to say goodbye, because we never really leave each other
  2. The only time my heart is truly broken is when I have to say goodbye to you
  3. Please know that it’s only my body saying goodbye, my mind can never do that
  4. You’re my friend, and friends never say goodbye, they just say, ’til later
  5. A friend is always there, even when they’re not there, so goodbye is never necessary
  6. Goodbye means hello to new possibilities
  7. In every goodbye there is a profound lesson; that love and leaving go hand in hand
  8. In my heart I cry, in my mind I die, this is what happens to me when we say goodbye
  9. I could never leave you, even when I say goodbye, part of me always stays
  10. Goodbye doesn’t mean forever, it means til later
  11. Goodbye is a road we take when the road we’re on comes to an end
  12. I’m not leaving, I’m just taking a break from hello
  13. In your life, and in mine, we are together forever; goodbye is for others
  14. I’ve saved all my goodbyes for you, I have to move on, so do you
  15. In this world a goodbye is either a beginning or an end, but there are times it’s both
  16. When I say goodbye I’m really saying wait for me, I’ll be back
  17. It can never be goodbye, so long as we are one
  18. There is no such thing as goodbye, everything and everyone lives on in hearts and minds
  19. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but just think what our next hello will be like
  20. I am not alone, I am with you, goodbye was our pause, we will meet again
  21. I have never left you, there weren’t any goodbyes, I’m with you
  22. It is only goodbye in words, in my heart I’ll never leave you
  23. See you later, sounds better, so I’ll leave it at that
  24. Never worry, I’m with you throughout this world and beyond
  25. Whether I’m here or not, I’m here
  26. Goodbye is a word, my heart is the truth; I will never leave you
  27. Time is endless, but our love is not; there are no goodbyes
  28. In a perfect world, I would always say hello
  29. I am not saying goodbye I’m saying I love you always
  30. I hold you close through all our goodbyes
  31. Not knowing how or even why, I suddenly say goodbye
  32. Seeing you later is what gets me through every goodbye
  33. Til we meet again are the four words that are my saving grace
  34. I miss you so much, please say you’ll come back from goodbye
  35. On the edge of emptiness, there is goodbye
  36. Please know that I will stay and that goodbye is not an option
  37. I have moved on in my life, but never have forgotten you
  38. Letting go means you’re willing to say, ‘I’m ready to live without you’
  39. In our life we have struggled, but goodbye was never an option
  40. There are no goodbyes, just the beginning of new chapters
  41. Our story doesn’t end, it lives on in the wind, it is our forever
  42. Our life has been a beautiful journey that will live long past the last goodbye
  43. There is one thing in life that I know to be endless; you and I, for we will never know goodbye
  44. I love you so goodbye is not an option
  45. I will stay for all of it, there are no goodbyes in my book
  46. We are on the forever ride, goodbye has been filed
  47. Our love is timeless and no measure of goodbye can take that from us
  48. Goodbye is a path that leads to hello
  49. There is a time when we all have to say goodbye
  50. When I think of saying goodbye to you, I think about missing you, and that terrifies me

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