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Your One Thing – What is Your Purpose in this Life?

Your One Thing

If you were put on this earth to do just one thing,
What would that one thing be
Would you arch your back to the moon
And belt out a passionate Dion tune
Would you fly to Africa
Or go around the corner to feed those hungrier
Would you fundraise for those less fortunate
Without glory, without praise
Would you lead the blind
Aid the deaf
Assist those inept
Or put your thoughts to paper giving out pleasure
For all to measure
Or would you gently tap humanity’s shoulder with this question
In hopes that after pondering some would take action
Does nobility exist in one or all of these
Or is the nobility knowing who you are
And what that one thing would be

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, copyrighted

Poem about Destiny: What is that you were put on this earth to do, to complete, to perfect. What is your contribution suppose to be? We here to perfect ourselves. So in very simple words, I ask this question in a poem. What is your one thing?

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