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An Anthem About Moving On in Your Life, Movin’ On by Rascal Flatts

Country Song about Moving On, 'Movin On' by Rascal Flatts

Movin’ On by Rascal Flatts, Get it on iTunes

Have You Recently Made a Decision to Move On in Your Life?

The story told in Rascal Flatts sweetly somber song ‘Movin On’ fits for just about any circumstance happening in a person’s life calling for a step in a new direction.

It’s hard to face the fact that we need to change and it’s almost a given that something will force us to make that change if we don’t make it for ourselves. Whether we’re moving on from our place of work, a hometown, a relationship or our own demons, the future waits until the day it happens, then welcomes us into our next chapter of life.

You may have discovered that you’re most at peace when you’re true to yourself, sometimes a difficult and rare thing

We almost never know which road takes us home to self, and there’s no guarantee with any choice we make, but I’m sure you’ve discovered in your own experiences, that the decision itself is the hardest part. Once that choice is made by us, or for us, the blocks tumble and we’re free to rebuild on a stronger foundation.

Like the Lyrics say, Have You Dealt with Your Ghosts or Faced all Your Demons?

Have you looked back on your life with the desire to change any part of it? I know most of us give the answer that we wouldn’t change anything because it made us who we are today. However, if you could go deeper into that question for a moment…would you really decide not to change one big life decision you made in your past to see the road it would have taken you down. I know if I could get a peek into an alternative life based on that one choice, I would take it.

Have you seen the holiday movie ‘The Family Man‘? Nicolas Cage plays Jack Campbell, President and CEO of a large corporation who is transported to an alternate life based on changing one major choice he made.

For me, that change would be to attend one of the other Universities I was accepted at. It would have resulted in my moving to a different city and of course, having a different life. Or maybe my life would have still managed to find it’s way to where I am now. Fortunately today I’m a happy person, but still extremely curious about such things! The not knowing sort of bugs me.

As the Song Says; ‘Maybe Forgiveness Will Find Me Somewhere Down this Road’

I’m not going to pretend that I have a bucket of answers about change, and I’m certainly not going to provide a list of ’10 Ways to Accept Change In Your Life’, you know your life better than anyone and if you’re like me, inside you there’s a knowingness that clings to a sense of truth of what’s right for you.

Whether we’ve made 1 mistake or a 1,000,000 mistakes in this life, the fact remains, we’ve made them because that’s how many it took for us to learn what it was we were suppose to learn.

It’s Done. You’ve Moved On

So that’s it. You’ve gone through the difficult part, the decision to act, and as Rascal Flatts so eloquently expresses in their song, you’re Moving On…

(Lyrics) Finally content with the past I regret, I’ve found you find strength in your moments of weakness, for once I’m at peace with myself…

Are you ready for the next part of life? Knowing there are no guarantees, you’ve still decided to plough forward and you’re not letting anything or anyone define you or determine what your personal truth is. You’ve embraced the change.

Congratulations! You’re braver than you think!

Do you think it was harder to make the choice to change than it was to actually go through the process of changing?

I suppose the answer for some depends on how many days, weeks, or years it took for you to move on. Once you moved onto your next chapter, how did you handle it? Did you feel a sense of relief, or did it take you just as long to adjust to your decision as it did to make them?

Where to Find ‘Movin On’ by Rascal Flatts

You’ll find the song ‘I’m Movin’ On’ on Rascal Flatts 2001 self titled album. The album features 11 fantastic songs including their popular song ‘This Everyday Love’. They released ‘I’m Movin’ On’ as the fourth single and it reached number 4 on the billboard country charts in 2002. Fans of Rascal Flatts can find more about them on their Website, Facebook and Twitter.

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