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A Country Song About Respect – What Being True To Yourself Really Means

‘Show Some Respect’ by Bobby Wills, A Poignant Country Song about Respect

Show Some Respect by Bobby Wills @BobbyWillsMusic #respect #countrymusic [Tweet this]

You’ve more than likely seen many quotes about being true to who you are. Perhaps you’ve had people say it to you, perhaps you’ve said it to others.

So here’s another piece of advice for Moms Messages:


1. Paving our road in this life at the total expense of others

2. Pushing our belief system onto people at the complete exclusion of at least hearing their perspective

3. Saying ‘yes’ to people, situations and things that we really want to (politely) say no to

4. Not using manners when dealing with people

5. That we are free to hold any opinion without some responsibility to have a semi-educated basis for it

6. Being Intolerant about issues and being rude about it

7. Succeeding in business by cheating and lying

8. Owning a business and expecting your employees to work for peanuts while the people at the top soak up all the money and benefits (well there goes half the planet!)

9. That we never have to be kind to others, in conversation or action

10. That we never have to forgive anyone ever again

11. That we forgive but we never forgot (so in truth, it’s not really forgiving is it?)

12. That we can bluntly say ‘take me or leave me, I am who I am’ and we are shocked to find out most people would rather not be around us because they feel we’re completely self-centered and RUDE

13. We have the right to pick an argument even if that type of conversation stresses people out (no regard for others)

14. Thinking that in order to be true to our self we get to crap over people in the process

15. Telling someone their clothes, hair, or other personal items are ugly, not nice, or saying ‘you don’t like it’ with the intention of hurting

What Does Being True to Our Self  DOES Mean:

1. Knowing who we are and honoring that truth either personally or professionally

2. Being kind to others, while still being kind to our self

3. Being honest without being hurtful

4. Being honest without being aggressive

5. If someone hurts us, being able to let them know without hurting them

6. Getting to where we need to go in life while bringing others along if the ride can help them too

7. Sharing our success with those we love

8. Sharing our experiences with those we care about

9.  Forgive and let go

10. Being able to say NO when we have to

11. Being able to say YES when it’s right to do so

12. Understanding our self, the good and bad, and be willing to share the good and work on the bad

13. A willingness to learn – to be teachable – to have an open mind: After honestly assessing the opinion of someone else, being able to establish our view without feeling we HAVE to conform to another person’s view, OR stomp on their view

14. Be an individual, while still understanding that we are all part of a global collective and our actions affect others

15. To remember that living by the golden rule ‘do unto others as you would want to be done onto you’ is a great place to start when we are ‘being true to who we are’.

Tweet: (Lyrics) 'It didn't start with you, there were lots of others too, show some respect' Show Some #Respect by Bobby Wills ‘It didn’t start with you, there were lots of others too, show some respect’ [Tweet these Lyrics]

Feel free to add your own analysis of the saying, “being true to who you are”.

More about Bobby Wills available on his Website, Facebook, and Twitter

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  1. Catherine Giordano says:

    Very good. The do’s list would make a good set of New Years Resolutions.

  2. Catherine, they sure would! Thanks for stopping by, appreciate you

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