One More Step to Take – Moving Forward in Life, Reaching Your Goal, One Step Away, Do You Take It?

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One More Step to Take

Just one more step to take
while finish lines
define destiny
breathlessly I stop
and wait
should I cross?
this race is mine to win…
but hush!
time creates a pause
and as I stare at the gate
In a moment that is now,
I cry
because victory means goodbye
and beat down by persistence
I no longer know why
selfish eyes controlled my feet
so resolute, I return,
and do not cross over
for I have many more steps to take
and reluctantly admit…
a great deal to learn

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyright Protected

Poem about Destiny: This poem speaks from two angles: The first is the reluctance of a person to move forward in life to grow and to take the next step necessary to leave what’s done behind.

The other is a person whose spirit has left their body and during their near-death experience, get to the gates of heaven realizing they have to go back because they haven’t completed all they’re meant to do. In either case, there’s more to learn.

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