Face Off With the Sun – A Poem About a Face Arched in the Heat of Sunshine

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Face Off With the Sun

On the hot edged knife
of a baked-fresh summer day,
the jagged slice of buttered heat
pierces into the heart
of red apple cheeks,
Drenching sweat bubbles invade,
oblivious to the crystal drinking sea bottle
about to squelch their quintessence,
dripping with thanks
leaning back in grace
the engaged Face braces for battle,
while it’s enemy friend relentlessly propels
unforgiving beams of haze filtered rays
composing smile tears on its willing victim,
A ceaseless Sun-Face feud,
one armored with cream,
the other scorching in power
neither crowned peace war champion
a stalemate of wills

By Barbara Tremblay Cipak, Copyrighted


Poem about a Sunny Day:  Finally, a much needed sunny day arrived – A visit to the park, with my youngest,  produced this “sunny” poem (written years ago!)

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