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Packin’ In My Dreams

45 years behind me

I’m startin’, reachin’ for the dream

I left my front porch crying

Only tears of fear

Then wiped my face

To keep it crystal clear

You’re too old

You’ll unfold

They’ll laugh at your attempt

Get back in the house!

Cook a meal !!

Don’t continue.

Check the menu.

The kids are needin’ ya now!

Leave your dreams.

Give it up.

Hubby’s havin’ a cow.

I had my dream evaluated

Measured, tested, and weighed

All the experts told me

I really should have stayed…

home on another cookin’ course!

Well I’m not a cook or waiter

So instead of changing all my dreams

I traded in ‘the evaluator’

“neeeeeeeeeeeeeext!” that’s my theme!

A Poem About Not Quitting On Your Dreams: This poem is about getting up and deciding it’s time to pursue your dreams. No matter our age, with positive action and solid belief, our dreams can come true. 

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