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Packin’ In My Dreams

45 years behind me
I’m startin’, reachin’ for the dream
I left my front porch crying
Only tears of fear
Then wiped my face
To keep it crystal clear

Your too old
You’ll unfold
They’ll laugh at your attempt
Get back in the house!
Cook a meal !!
Don’t continue.
Check the menu.
The kids are needin’ ya now!
Leave your dreams.
Give it up.
Hubby’s havin’ a cow.

I had my dream evaluated
Measured, tested, and weighed
All the experts told me
I really should have stayed…
home on another cookin’ course!
Well I’m not a cook or waiter
So instead of changing all my dreams
I traded in ‘the evaluator’
“neeeeeeeeeeeeeext!” that’s my theme!

by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Song Lyrics, About Not QUITING!: Packin’ In My Dreams: Today was the first day of the rest of my life – SORRY FOR THE CLICHE!! *gag* But really, I did take steps today, outside of my comfort zone to seriously pursue “my dreams” of being a songwriter/lyricist. I sure hope I really am “packin’ for seven someday! In truth, nobody in my house is stopping me from chasing my dreams. My husband is very supportive. The only person stopping me was (is) “me”. *slaps own face*

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