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Things to Say in a Sympathy Card

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Often times when someone we care about has lost a person dear to them, it can be very difficult to find the right words to put in a card. During these times it’s not easy to come up with something thoughtful to say even though our heart is feeling deeply for them.

Most times the best thing to write inside a sympathy card is a little story or thoughtful memory of the person who has passed, however sometimes writing this detailed about a person isn’t possible or appropriate, so below you’ll find a collection of short sayings you can write inside a card. Go ahead and use them for personal use. Find the one that best suits the recipient and person passed.

Things to say in a sympathy card, by Drageda:

  1. His/Her heart lives on in the hearts of the numerous people he

    impacted in his life, for that reason he lives forever

  2. Keeping him/her close in memory and thought will never replace having them in this physical world, but knowing they are still here watching over you is a heavenly gift meant to give you the much needed peace you deserve
  3. Know that Angels are on duty, watching over you, wiping your tears away and wrapping you in their wings during this most difficult time of life
  4. Your heart and love are the most generous gift you have given to others, and I would like to extend my heart and love to you during this time of grief
  5. The imprint of a life is felt by all those it touched; no matter the distance or dimension, this imprint lives forever
  6. Many people say ‘time heals all wounds’ but in the case of a love so deeply lost, coping with the dramatic change in our life and life’s perspective simply means we must go forward, living differently; the wounds don’t heal, they become a part of our soul, and we welcome their scars as they reflect the person we painfully miss
  7. During times of great loss, people often say our loved one is now watching over us…this may spur anger in you as you think, ‘I don’t want him watching over me, I want him here’, however, when time permits you to visit the idea of his being with you through every road you travel from now forward, only differently, it’s possible that a moment of knowingness will overwhelm you, allowing you to openly accept this strange and original cosmic gift
  8. Our loved ones never leave us, we are now and forever held in their hearts, and they are held in ours
  9. The stamp of a life appears in a million little places on this earth, and our biggest gift is the memory of our loved one appearing in these million little places
  10. Getting through this time in your life is the only road forward since getting over it is never an option
  11. No matter how long a person we loved has lived, that life becomes a part of who we are and remains with us for eternity
  12. Heartache is a pain no doctor can cure, no friend can erase, or no one else can feel; it is a pain unique to every person, so I won’t presume to know how you feel, I just want to offer my arms and a shoulder for support
  13. What I know for sure is that tears can fill a bucket, pain can fill the air, but there is no other love than can ever fill the void of your loss
  14. From the moment of our birth, our soul is nourished with love from those we treasure, and when that person moves on, it is as though we are being starved of life’s nutrients and we just don’t know what can replenish us
  15. During a time of loss we often don’t know how we can go on when the tears outnumber the beats per minute in our heart, but without knowing how or even why, we find a way to make sense of it; hold on to the possibility that a measure of peace can find it’s way back to you
  16. Keep faith in your heart, and hold on to the love you know, because these are the two things that can lift the soul inside the human body to a place that only the spirit knows about
  17. If love carried you when he/she was here in body, know that it is also love that will carry you while he lives in spirit
  18. I can appreciate that words written by someone who isn’t experiencing your incredible pain and loss, is hard to sometimes read, because deep in our heart we know our suffering is unique to us, and there are no words that can bring comfort during this time; but please know that I am here, and when you feel the need to talk, I will sit quietly and listen
  19. If I could take your pain away, I would do it in a heartbeat and for your lifetime; I ache inside to see you go through this, I love you
  20. When we go through the passing of someone we love, the world stands still, the hands on the clock stop and our daily life that used to be a neat sequence of duties and tasks suddenly evolves into a deep spiritual fog drawing us to what really matters most. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you travel this most difficult road right
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